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SCARS™ Special Report: Scambaiting – You are Only Hurting Yourself

SCARS™ Special Report: Scambaiting - You are Only Hurting Yourself Continuing The Discussion On Scambaiting [lwptoc] Scam Baiting Is Where A Victim Or Other Person Engages In Deception And In Some Cases Actual Online Fraud Lying To A Scammer For "Fun" The mistaken ideas are that it either wastes the scammer's time or causes them to go to extreme tasks because of the scam that is being pulled on them. Some wrongly believe that it [...]

RSN™ Guide: To Being A Victim

The RSN Guide To Being A Victim This Is One Of Those Things That No One Will Tell You To Your Face! Every day we are contacted by hundreds of victims - sometimes more than a thousand. We deal with people during one of the worst times in their lives. They have been violated and abused, and now they need help. We get it. We know - because our team have been victims too. We [...]

RSN OPINION: Please Be Rational

RSN OPINION: Please Be Rational Let's Talk About Your Anger! We understand that many of you are extremely angry with scammers, You have every reason and right to be angry, but that anger works against you, just as your blind faith worked against you during the scam, These scammers are not thugs (most of them at least). These scammers are business people committing crimes. They don't really view you as people, you are a demographic, a [...]