SCARS™ Special Report: Scambaiting – You are Only Hurting Yourself

SCARS™ Special Report: Scambaiting – You are Only Hurting Yourself

Continuing The Discussion On Scambaiting


Scam Baiting Is Where A Victim Or Other Person Engages In Deception And In Some Cases Actual Online Fraud Lying To A Scammer For “Fun”

The mistaken ideas are that it either wastes the scammer’s time or causes them to go to extreme tasks because of the scam that is being pulled on them.

Some wrongly believe that it is ok to scam a scammer.

That is like saying it is ok to murder a murderer.


In our view this is not a hobby. It is not fun. It is not therapeutic. It is engaging in the same kinds of deception that scammers do.

In fact, in our opinion, it can further reinforce the PTSD that a victim suffers from by continuing to expose the victim to scams.

It does not matter if the other person is a criminal or not. If you engage in deception regardless of your intentions it is ethically (and in some cases legally) the same. Wire fraud is wire fraud.

We expect the FBI to track down these criminals, but what if their African governments came to track you down?

Deception is deception, lying is lying. If you want to hold the high moral ground then do not scam bait.

Scambaiting Is Wrong

Our position is that scambaiting has many negative qualities and it depends on the person who is doing it how great the damage is to them.

  1. It is being deceitful – you are lying to a scammer. Just because they are that way does not mean you want to lower yourself to their level and become a liar too.
  2. Wanting to take it out on the scammer is a form of revenge. Maybe a mild form, but still a form. Revenge hurts the person doing it as much as the target. When is enough? With most scam baiters there is never enough, it becomes a compulsion and obsession, they stop when they just get tired. But nothing changes.
  3. It comes from an emotion of hatred. Scambaiters may not admit it but they hate scammers. You can be angry at a scammer because of what they did to you, you can say you hate them, but real hate – the kind of hate that you cannot let go of is more dangerous for you than for them. Hate will consume you eventually. Of course, most are not willing to use that word, they prefer words like: loathe, detest, despise, unable to bear, can’t stand, can’t tolerate, etc. Hate is still hate!
  4. It will frustrate you. Scam baiting accomplishes nothing other than to consume your time. You are not stopping scammers. Yes, you can waste their time and make them do silly things but nothing changes with it. The scammers just learn from it, so you are making them smarter. The only scammers that will fall for it anyway are the dumb ones – the new or least experienced. The professionals will just block you.
  5. It is just an outlet for your own aggression or for your own hatred against scammers. You may get a momentary high from baiting a scammer, but in the long run, it just leaves you hollow.


Even those that make fun of scammers are doing it because deep down they loath scammers, while having fun with them.

In The End, This Is An Argument About Revenge And Who That Hurts Most

We view it as a self-destructive behavior.

It is also a contagious behavior.

Angry victims easily fall into that trap. For that reason, we disagree with it and prohibit it in our groups, and within our SCARS Membership, and through our SCARS Code of Conduct.

In Addition, Depending On Who The Scammers Are, Some Of Them Are In Fact Dangerous

The different types of scammers by regions - some are dangerous

The different types of scammers by regions – some are dangerous

Our position would have no value if we did not defend it, so we are always willing to discuss it further.



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  1. Blinky May 22, 2020 at 11:12 pm - Reply

    So how do you combat this then? The police and authorities are useless when it comes to x-country scams. So what to do? Your suggestions?

    • SCARS™ Editorial Team May 26, 2020 at 2:02 pm - Reply

      Law enforcement is only useless if you believe that and do not support them. But it is also true that they are extremely limited by international boundaries and treaties. Being realistic is the way to move forward, and that means supporting real efforts to change the situation. To learn more visit

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