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SCARS STEPS Scam Victim Recovery Program Our Program Is Going Through A Revision & Will Be Available Again Soon

SCARS™ Insight: The “Pig Pen” Syndrome

SCARS™ Insight: The "Pig Pen" Syndrome "SHIT HAPPENS" IS THE OLD SAYING Sometimes It Happens A Lot And Doesn't Stop - Did You Ever Think You Might Be The Cause? Some people believe in the Karmic Wheel, but while that may influence luck on a long-term scale, it probably is not the cause. Pig Pen from the Peanuts The Cause Is What We Call The "Pig Pen Syndrome." "Pig-Pen" is a major male character [...]

Mistakes Scam Victims Make

Common Mistakes Most Online Scam Victims Make After a scam, most victims go through a variety of emotional states! First there is denial, then comes anger, and judgment goes out the window! Unfortunately, when you are a victim of a crime, you need to try to think as clearly as possible, and recover your mental equilibrium. This is not easy, but by losing your head you make your own recovery and law enforcement that much [...]