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Editorial: What Are We To Do?

For over 26 years the scammers were gaining ground. In fact, scams went up by at least 50% each and every year – in some years it doubled.

Let’s Be Very Clear
We Are In A War Against Online Scams!

Online scammers are able to operate with impunity throughout Africa, and in many other countries, without fear or prosecution.  This War Against Online Scams leaves a million casualties a year (in 2016) – nearly 4,000,000 victims over the last 6 years (since 2010). By comparison only the war on drugs has produced this level of victimization! Yet, most people are doing nothing but complain.

The Time To Complain Is Over!

Now is the time for action, not just clicking Like or calling names on Facebook.

We Are What We Repeatedly Do!

Our organization has been educating the world about scammers for 26 years, since 1991 in the days of the old AOL (American OnLine). We have reached millions, but education alone wasn’t doing enough to stop or even slow down the madness.

In 2015 our founder, and a group of educators and professionals, formed SCARS (the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams) because a new direction was needed. Education about scams was failing and no one was doing anything other than just cataloging endless scammer stolen photos and their insane messages. Yes, it did help people who were already victims confirm that they had been scammed, but did