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RSN™ Guide: The Truth About The U.S. Military In Africa

There are many incompetent anti-scam groups that claim there are no United States Military forces in Africa.

The fact is that the United States has military forces in many countries. The details are not always publicized. U.S. Forces are in central, western, eastern, Saharan and Sub-Saharan Africa.

However, NO member of the military is going to contact a stranger on Facebook. Not only is it prohibited but it represents a real danger to them personally and their unit.

Let us repeat! Even posting on Facebook could put them at serious risk in their theater of operations – they are not going to contact strangers!

They are especially NEVER going to show their military ID, which violates U.S. Federal Law.

So yes, the United States does have forces throughout Africa fighting terrorist and insurgent groups. But if you get a friend request from someone claiming they are, they are 100% a scammer.

Additionally, every United States Embassy has military support personnel that serves in security and liaison roles. If anyone ever says they are attached to a U.S. Embassy, just call the Embassy – they will connect you to their team for verification.

Be careful which group you listen to – there is only one professional anti-scam organization and a handful of competent individuals and groups out there. Most of them are just angry victims trying to inflict their rage on other victims. There are also a LARGE number of Fake Anti-Scam groups that are actually run by Scammers. Unfortunately far too many of these groups are in it for their own egos, which is why they pages and groups are frequently deleted by Facebook.

To learn more about the United States forces in Africa, please read: http://www.africom.mil/about-the-command