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The following is a partial list of known and suspected Romance Scammers,
Dating Scammers.
and other types of international scammers

It is presented to provide even more coverage, and aid you
in locating scammers more easily through search.

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Don't Confront Or Accuse Dating Scammers


Olga Spasibkina [email protected] Ukraine Nizhyn
Olga Loginova [email protected] Russia Mari El
Olga pibaewa olgapibaeva [email protected] Russia Rostov
Olga Kudryavtseva [email protected] Russia Other
Olga Barinova [email protected] Russia Kazan
Olga Seleva [email protected] Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Olga Shayne, Brusnikina [email protected] Russia Ivanovo
Olga Shayn, Brusnikina, Gorshkova [email protected] Russia Other
Olga Adonina [email protected] Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Olga Dorogova [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Olga esmeneeva [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Olga Yakutovich [email protected] Russia Penza
Olga Alekcahakowa [email protected] Russia Moscow
Olga Volkova [email protected] Nigeria Lagos
Olga pet [email protected] Russia Samara
Olga terentyeva [email protected] Russia Izhevsk
Olga Zubar [email protected] Ukraine Kiev
Olga Fominyh [email protected] Russia Kazan
Olya Olya [email protected] Ukraine Odessa
Olga Ohotnikova [email protected] Russia Moscow
Olga Kalmykova [email protected]
[email protected]
Ukraine Kremenchuh
Charming girl [email protected] Russia Other
Tatyana Sokolova [email protected] Russia Kazan
Olga Olga [email protected] Russia Udmurtia
Olga Byrilova, Lazonova [email protected] Russia Samara
Olga Olis [email protected] Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Olivia Asante [email protected] Ghana Accra
Svetlana NO SAY [email protected] Ukraine Lugansk
Olga lobanova [email protected] Russia Omsk
Ollie lambert [email protected] United Kingdom Aberdeen
Olga Gretskih [email protected] Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Olesya Akulova [email protected] Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Oleysya AFONASJEVA [email protected] [email protected] Ukraine Vinnytsya
Eolina (aka olga) gromova (aka malinina) [email protected] Russia Rostov
Eolina gromova [email protected]
[email protected]
Russia Rostov
Alya Stinson [email protected]
[email protected]
Russia Rostov
Olga Olya [email protected] Ukraine Kherson
Olga TIPOVA [email protected] Russia Vyborg
Olga/ olya Leuhina [email protected] Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Olya   [email protected] Ukraine Kryvyy Rih
Olya Shalakhova [email protected] Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Olga Galagan [email protected] Ukraine Lugansk
Olga Alikyna [email protected] Russia Tyumen
Mariya   [email protected] Ukraine Zaporizhzhya
Olga Uknown [email protected]
[email protected]
Ukraine Lugansk
Olga Gavrilova [email protected] Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Olya unknown [email protected] Russia Volzhsky
Olya mir [email protected] Russia Volzhsky
Olya or olyag Norma [email protected] Russia Novocheboksarsk
Olga Lebedinskaya [email protected] Ukraine Kharkiv
Olga Kanashina [email protected] Russia Kazan
Oly GRETSKIH [email protected] Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Olya refused to give it [email protected] Ukraine Lugansk
Olga Motornaya [email protected] Russia Tatarstan
Olga Borowuyhk [email protected] Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Olya OLENCHKA [email protected] Ukraine Kharkiv
Grace mantebea [email protected] Ghana Accra
Sherry Inusa [email protected] United Kingdom Manchester
Jenny Cares [email protected] Norway Oslo
Elizaveta noknownlastname [email protected] Russia Moscow
Rosemary agyei rose [email protected] Ghana Accra
Sandra sylvia Smith [email protected] Nigeria Other
Linda Tawaih [email protected] Ghana Other
Tatyana Li [email protected] Russia Ufa
Gbariel Capatina [email protected] Romania Galati
Olga 1111 [email protected] India Other
Tatyana Reus [email protected] Russia St. Petersburg
Alina GYBAREVA [email protected] Russia Kazan
Larisa Belykh [email protected] Russia St. Petersburg
Marieta marieta [email protected] Armenia Gavar
[email protected] Ghana Accra
Ophelia Dee [email protected] France Paris
Marina Golovko [email protected] Ukraine Kharkiv
Marina Golovko [email protected] Ukraine Kharkiv
Vera Manukyan [email protected] Russia Novosibirsk
Ekaterina Gavrilova [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Kira1983   [email protected] Ukraine Horlivka
Natalia natasha [email protected] Russia Sarov
Larisa   [email protected] Russia Sochi
Katya   [email protected] Moldova Chisinau
Katya Orlova [email protected] Russia Moscow
Elena ibraeva she never gave me one [email protected] Russia Volzhsky
Irina Okulova [email protected] Russia Kazan
Natasha Osipova [email protected] Ukraine Sevastopol
Oksana Agacheva [email protected] Russia Nabereznye Chelny
Olufemi osunmusanmi [email protected] Nigeria Lagos
Elmira Kabanova [email protected] Russia Other
Guzelja No Name [email protected] Russia Bratsk
Gifty mensah [email protected] Ghana Accra
Vladislava Ovsyannikova [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Oksana Melnik [email protected] Ukraine Melitpol’
Oksana Lepkovich [email protected] Belarus Minsk
Pam asieduwaa [email protected] Ghana Other
Marina   [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Pearl Dagbey [email protected] Australia Queensland
Gifty love [email protected] Ghana Accra
Padi mamley [email protected] Ghana Accra
Alina —- [email protected] Ukraine Khmelnytsky
Palmira renn [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Pamela claudia dadzie [email protected] Nigeria Lagos
Pamela Everly [email protected] Philippines Angeles
Pamelia scott [email protected] Nigeria Aba
Pamilar Desmond [email protected] Rwanda Kigali
Tatyana RUBANYAK [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Svetlana or sveta panteleeva [email protected] Russia Samara
Natasa petrova [email protected] Latvia Riga
Julija [email protected] Latvia Riga
Alyona Svinsitska [email protected] Ukraine Rivne
Anna Panyanchuk [email protected] Ukraine Mykolayiv
Comfort Narh [email protected] Ghana Accra
Veronika nazarova [email protected] Russia Izhevsk
    [email protected] Belgium Other
Parmela brown [email protected] Australia Perth
Olga Poltaeva [email protected] Russia Other
Alexa, anastasya ORTIN [email protected] Russia  
Ortin alexa [email protected] Russia Saratov
Alexa ORTIN [email protected] Russia Saratov
Mary Horku [email protected] Ghana Accra
Zulaiya Fuseini [email protected] United Kingdom Cambridge
Abiba Toloba [email protected] Ghana Accra
Marriam Shaibu or Issah [email protected] Ghana Accra
Mercy Adi.2 [email protected] Ghana Accra
Patricia anderson [email protected] Nigeria Abuja
Patience baah [email protected] Ghana Sunyani
Patience Lonley [email protected] Ghana Accra
Patience Frimpongmaa [email protected] Ghana Accra
Alena. [email protected] Russia St. Petersburg
Mariam Haran [email protected] USA New York NY
Patricia Owusu [email protected] Ghana Accra
Patricia Aboagyewaah [email protected] Ghana Accra
Comfort adom [email protected] Ghana Kumasi
Ekaterina sannikova [email protected] Russia Tomsk
Patricia Pechter [email protected] USA Cleveland OH
Patricia Sarpong [email protected] Ghana Koforidua
Patrick awulu [email protected] Nigeria Lagos
Joyce dont know [email protected] USA Forks WA
Patrishia vhalhalla [email protected] Philippines Manila
Paulina Smith [email protected] Nigeria Lagos
Priscila addison [email protected] Ghana Accra
Paulina Grant [email protected] Ghana Other
Paulina Lovebaby [email protected] Ghana Other
Marina Pavlenko [email protected] Ukraine Odessa
Regina Pavlova [email protected] Russia Saratov
Peace al-kalhifa [email protected] Ghana Accra
Elena potapova [email protected] Russia Izhevsk
Evgenia Ivanova [email protected] Russia Other
Pearl Garcia [email protected] Philippines Manila
Pearl agbodah johnson [email protected] Ghana Accra
Pearl Wills [email protected] Ghana Accra
Lora ALTUKHOVA [email protected] Ukraine Kiev
Priscilla ARYEE [email protected] Ghana Accra
Perpetual Holl [email protected] USA Dallas TX
Perpetual Holl [email protected] Austria Salzburg
Marina Poleno [email protected] Russia Mari El
Mona fatal [email protected] Ukraine Kiev
Mona Fatal [email protected] Ukraine Kiev
Mona fatal [email protected] Ukraine Kiev
Penny davis [email protected] USA Titusville FL
Olga Penochka [email protected] Russia Novocheboksarsk
Olga Vinogradova [email protected] Russia Novocheboksarsk
Natalia Nazarova [email protected] Russia Novocheboksarsk
Anna Martinenkco [email protected] Ukraine Other
Svetlana Solowyowa [email protected] Russia Kazan
Olesya Sergeeva [email protected] Russia Tomsk
Katya poddubnick [email protected] Ukraine Kherson
Anastasiya Bahtina [email protected] Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Anna   [email protected] Russia Perm
Elena not given [email protected] Ukraine Roven’ky
Katerina [email protected]
[email protected]
Russia Kazan
Viktoriya Mamonfowa [email protected] Russia Perm
Irina Peshnyak [email protected]
[email protected]
USA Saint Gertrude Louisiana
Elena BARABANOVA [email protected] Ukraine Lugansk
Elena BARABANOVA [email protected] Ukraine Lugansk
Petra Neeser [email protected] Germany Other
Yulya Petrenko [email protected] Ukraine Zaporizhzhya
Petrosovakate petrosovakate [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Pettyfrei Frei [email protected] USA Schenectady NY
Blezz garcia Blezz [email protected] Philippines Cagayan
Julia pigalowa [email protected] Russia Ekaterinburg
Molley   [email protected] Norway Oslo
Joyce Pink [email protected] Senegal Dakar
Kelly ashton [email protected] United Kingdom Other
Anita entsiey [email protected] Switzerland Bern
Ekaterina Pipija [email protected] Russia Uljanovsk
Anna Piro [email protected] Belgium Antwerpen
Irina NO SAY [email protected] Ukraine Roven’ky
Patience Isifou Tanoh [email protected] Senegal Dakar
Francisca wise [email protected] USA Grand Rapids MI
Olga EFIMOVA [email protected] Russia Kirov
Oxana Samoschuk [email protected] Ukraine Kiev
Irina Proulova [email protected] Russia Izhevsk
Alyona Agapitova [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Pletcherbpc pletcherbpc [email protected] Afghanistan  
Penny Liles [email protected] United Kingdom Aberdeen
Sandra smith [email protected] USA Cambridge MA
Irina Plutichka [email protected] Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Irina ,yuliya [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected],
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected],
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected],
[email protected]
[email protected]
Russia Other
Natali Kolecnikova [email protected] Russia Rostov
Vlada Obriy [email protected] Ukraine Khmelnytsky
Lyudmila K [email protected] Russia Kazan
Amina Polianina [email protected] Russia Moscow
Polina not given [email protected] Uzbekistan Tashkent
Polina PLOTNIKOVA [email protected] Russia Kirov
Polina UNKWON [email protected] Ukraine Other
Polina [email protected] Ukraine Lviv
Polina Titova [email protected] Ukraine Luts’k
Natalya Percova [email protected] Russia Krasnojarsk
Pollan Laura [email protected] USA Carmel ME
Tanya   [email protected] Ukraine Lugansk
Polly Polly [email protected] Russia Perm
Poni Kelueljang [email protected] Ghana Accra
Bilney Ponkins [email protected] USA Orem UT
Nina kozhevnikova [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Katya Katya [email protected]
[email protected]
Russia Kazan
Ashley anderson [email protected] USA Atlantic City NJ
Yuliya Popova [email protected] Russia Penza
Kristina Nizniy Novgorod [email protected] Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Victoria Posevina [email protected] Ukraine Lugansk
Portia Osei [email protected] Ghana Accra
Olesya AFONINA [email protected] Ukraine Lugansk
Svetlana UNKNOWN [email protected] Ukraine Lugansk
Viktoria Kozur [email protected] Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk
Sandra Cutesandy01 [email protected] USA Davison MI
Elvira Unknown [email protected] Ukraine Cherkasy
Elvira Unknown [email protected] Ukraine Other
Portia Owen [email protected] Ghana Accra
Enedaremn Enedaremn [email protected] Afghanistan Gniezno
Katya Baby [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Tatyana Homenko [email protected] Ukraine Mykolayiv
Olya Pavlova [email protected] Ukraine Donetsk
Rita Procenko [email protected] Russia Moscow
Precious desmond [email protected] USA Agawam MA
Jane Johnson [email protected] USA Silver Springs NV
Jacquilyn Hernando [email protected] Philippines Other
Shamsudeen Alhassan [email protected] Ghana Accra
Natalya BODROVA [email protected] Russia Kazan
Precious Preciouslove [email protected] USA New York NY
Rukaya ibrahim ruki [email protected] Ghana Accra
Yemi James [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected],
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected],
modeling_[email protected], [email protected],
[email protected]
Nigeria Lagos
Enerstina kusi [email protected] Ghana Kumasi
Grace Asante [email protected] Ghana Accra
Anastasiya   [email protected] Russia Khabarovsk
Natalia tarasova [email protected] Russia Other
Natalia Tarasova [email protected] Russia Other
Elen Gurariy [email protected] Russia Moscow
Hanna pretty [email protected] Ghana Accra
Concepcion Degamo [email protected] Philippines Other
Belle morgan [email protected] USA Baton Rouge Louisiana
Gift komey Gift Komey [email protected] Ghana Accra
Alina yusup [email protected] Russia Other
Laura Anderson [email protected] Nigeria Lagos
Eugenia akoto [email protected] Ghana Accra
Helena Boateng [email protected] Australia Townsville
Aziz lalas [email protected] Ghana Accra
Jena Richardson [email protected] USA Chicago IL
Mercy lawson [email protected] Ghana Kumasi
Zaliya kamal [email protected] Ghana Kumasi
Tatyana Tatyana [email protected]
[email protected]
Russia St. Petersburg
Kelly Price [email protected] Russia Kazan
Kelly Price [email protected] Nigeria Other
Pricsilla Sarpong [email protected] Ghana Swedru
Aleksandra Alex [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Karina Nikishova [email protected] Russia St. Petersburg
Comfort Quaye [email protected] Ghana Other
Princess ogizeh [email protected] Nigeria Benin
Sveta dikovaia [email protected] Ukraine Bila Tserkva
Princess esther larb Tetteh [email protected] United Kingdom Other
Esther unkown [email protected] Ghana Accra
Alena Alena [email protected] Russia Other
Princess Duncan [email protected] Senegal Dakar
Elena Artmane [email protected] Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk
Elena Tishkova [email protected] Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk
Joana Mensah [email protected] Ghana Accra
Vida Agboada [email protected] Ghana Accra
Maybell Yeboa [email protected] Ghana Accra
Princess princess [email protected] Nigeria Other
Princilla addison [email protected] Ghana Tema
Priscilla Boatemaa [email protected] Ghana Accra
Ahmed Accra [email protected] Ghana Accra
Priscilla morgan [email protected] Ghana Cape Coast
Priscy francis [email protected] Ghana Accra
Priscilla Yeboah [email protected] Ghana Accra
Priscilla Yeboah [email protected] Ghana Accra
Katina m griffith KATINA23 [email protected] USA Corpus Christi TX
Verna An [email protected] Ukraine Odessa
Anna not listed [email protected] Russia Novocheboksarsk
Anna Volkova [email protected] Russia Pskov
Anastasiya jhkjhkl [email protected] Russia Izhevsk
Marina [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Oksana Sokina [email protected] Russia Moscow
Yana Ponomaryova [email protected] Ukraine Other
Amiya jillian [email protected] USA Los Angeles California
Mariya Prokopyeva [email protected] Russia  
Lubov, lubochka Not known [email protected] Russia Perm
Kristina don’t know [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Sumaya Musa [email protected] Ghana Accra
Ekaterina Ekaterina [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Mariya Wedernikowa [email protected] Russia Krasnojarsk
Mariya wedernikowa [email protected] Russia Krasnojarsk
Svetlana goritcheva [email protected] Russia St. Petersburg
Elena   [email protected] Russia Samara
Natali Penkova [email protected] Russia Vladimir
Yuliya [email protected] Ukraine Donetsk
Olga Starodubceiva [email protected] Russia Jekaterinburg
Evgeniya HUDYAKOVA [email protected] Russia Other
Mary Brebo [email protected] Ghana Accra
Mary brebo [email protected] Ghana Accra
Anna Pushkina [email protected] Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk
Anna KOLESNIKOVA [email protected] Ukraine Vinnytsya
Tatyana Rozhentsova [email protected] Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Teresa Lukens [email protected] Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Natalya Branch [email protected] Russia Moscow
Olga Khvesko [email protected] Belarus Minsk
Tatiana Fedorova [email protected] Russia St. Petersburg
Menghua Qin [email protected] China Lanzhou
Vida Quansah [email protected] Ghana Accra
Vida Quansah [email protected] Ghana Accra
Quantbjnc quantbjnc [email protected] Afghanistan  
Jackline Brook [email protected] South Africa Mpumalanga
Aisha Shado [email protected] Ghana Kumasi
Beri Masei [email protected] Ghana Accra
Raven Riley [email protected] United Kingdom London
Rose Wilson [email protected] USA New York NY
Victoria suvorova [email protected] Ukraine Lugansk
Licia Licia [email protected] Ghana Accra
Rejoice Parku [email protected] Ghana Accra
Swan Robert [email protected] USA Arkansas City AR
Melisse Melissa [email protected] USA New York NY
Kristina [email protected] [email protected] Russia Moscow
Kristina Lybedkina [email protected] Russia Moscow
Miss rachel Norbert Mickey [email protected] Senegal Dakar
Elizaveta rachkova [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Anna   [email protected] Russia Rostov
Margarita Muradyan [email protected]
[email protected]
Russia Kazan
Rahel powell [email protected] Ghana Swedru
Rahida Vadis [email protected] Ghana Other
Rahina or rahintica Abdallah [email protected] Ghana Accra
Rahma Young [email protected] Ghana Kumasi
Raimy Mills [email protected] Netherlands Rotterdam
Irina Unknown [email protected] Russia Kirov
Natasha/natalie or ludymila Moskvina [email protected] Russia Ufa
Liliya Sinyaeva [email protected] Ukraine Donetsk
Catherine (aka raine Lorezo [email protected] Philippines Angeles
Catherine Lorezo [email protected] Philippines Angeles
Raisa RaisaGladka [email protected] Russia Kostroma
Benita BENI12 [email protected] Ghana Accra
Ralli akidy [email protected] USA Floral Park NY
Rallier arkidy [email protected] USA South Floral Park New York
Elena Unknown [email protected], [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Lisa Hill [email protected] Nigeria Lagos
Silvia ramona STROESCU NEGRU [email protected] Romania Other
Rana Woods [email protected] Ghana Accra
Alena   [email protected] Russia Chuvashia
Julia Rashevskaya [email protected] Ukraine Odessa
Rashida MUMUNI CHAMBAS [email protected] Ghana Accra
Rashida mumuni chambas [email protected] Ghana Accra
Sandra Smith [email protected] USA Austin TX
Margarita Rass Maritka [email protected] Russia Moscow
Elisa Elisa [email protected] Russia Rostov
Svetlana Tchernyshev [email protected] Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Marina Ivanova [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Rayfa izidorova [email protected] Russia Moscow
Rayfa Velikolep [email protected] Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Ekaterina ekaterina [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Anna unknown [email protected] Russia Novocheboksarsk
Anastasiya vetisheva [email protected] Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Rebecca brown [email protected] Ghana Accra
Elza None mentioned [email protected] Russia Krasnojarsk
Roberta cudbow bela robbi [email protected] Ghana Cape Coast
Regina dillard [email protected] Australia Townsville
Loveth Brown [email protected] USA Beatrice NE
Abigail Mensah [email protected] Ghana Accra
Larissa Krogli [email protected] Nigeria Abuja
Leticia bernarda Mireku [email protected] Ghana Accra
Rose Jerry Smith [email protected] Ghana Accra
Anna Anna [email protected] Russia Tomsk
Rebecca CARLSON [email protected] USA Houston TX
Rebecca eisu [email protected] Ghana Accra
Rebecca Dawson [email protected] Ghana Kumasi
Rebecca jonathan [email protected] Sierra Leone Binkolo
Rebecca D Opara [email protected] Ghana Accra
Rebeccalove Anderson [email protected] USA Townsend DE
Rebecca ADJEI [email protected] Ghana Accra
Rebecca Asantewaa [email protected] Ghana Accra
Rebecca DANIEL [email protected] Nigeria Lagos
Rebecca mensah [email protected] Ghana Accra
Rebecca rebecca [email protected] Nigeria Abuja
Rebecca Yeboah [email protected], Ghana Kumasi
Aleksandra   [email protected] Russia Kazan
Polina Rebrova [email protected] Ukraine Other
Olena SLAVYANSK [email protected] Ukraine Donetsk
Elena Strelkova [email protected] Ukraine Donetsk
Joselini breis parci Joseline, Jasmine,Jomalyn,Celi [email protected] Philippines Caloocan
Yulia don’t say [email protected] Russia Moscow
Yulia Romanova [email protected] Russia Moscow
Regina Osae [email protected] Ghana Accra
Hadieva gina hadiva [email protected] Russia Kazan
Regina espares [email protected] Philippines Manila
Regina Frimpong [email protected] Ghana Kumasi
Beauty LifeisLove [email protected] Russia Ufa
Regina Nas [email protected] Russia Kazan
Regina hadieva [email protected] Russia Kazan
Regina hadieva [email protected] Russia Kazan
Regina hadieva [email protected] Russia Kazan
Lidia abt [email protected] USA  
Elena Kolt [email protected] Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Nadezhda +++ [email protected] Russia Kazan
Liliya Ahmadulinna [email protected] Russia Other
Jamila Davis [email protected] France Paris
Reneta dede [email protected] Ghana Takoradi
Sandra Mirza [email protected] Ghana Accra
Goodlove tamba [email protected] USA New York NY
Lisa Briggs [email protected]
[email protected]
Nigeria Lagos
Iraida Dyldina [email protected] Russia Moscow
Regina Gleisner [email protected] Canada Montreal
Mishi adriano [email protected] USA  
Lianna garces [email protected] United Kingdom Liverpool
Tanya Unknown [email protected] Ukraine Other
Natalya Apakina [email protected] Russia Mari El
Helen Rich [email protected] USA Dallas TX
Veronica Dosa [email protected] Ghana Accra
Megan Richmond [email protected] United Kingdom London
Lovia gifty [email protected] Ghana Tema
Taa Willams [email protected] USA Tulsa OK
Rihana james [email protected] South Africa Cape Province
Anzhelika   [email protected] Russia Chukot
Raven Riley [email protected] USA New York NY
Rimma Vilkova [email protected] USA Albany New York
Rimma Perevalova [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Rimma Perevalova [email protected] Russia Cheboksary
Rimma Sboeva [email protected] Russia Tomsk
Rimma Moochka [email protected] Russia Kazan
Erica Maxwell [email protected] Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Irina Zhdanova [email protected] Russia  
Arina Arina [email protected] Ukraine Kharkiv
Nadejda ston [email protected] Ukraine Kiev
Rita debra amponsah [email protected] Ghana Accra
Rita Diaby [email protected] USA Fort Lauderdale FL
Maxwell Rita [email protected] Senegal Dakar
Rita asantewaa [email protected] Ghana Accra
Rita adams [email protected] USA Arlington TX
Rita Dadzie [email protected] Ghana Accra
Rita Dallo [email protected] Senegal Dakar
Rita Love [email protected] USA New York NY
Mary Danquah [email protected] Ghana Accra
Margarita   [email protected] Russia Krasnodar
Margarita Chernetskaya [email protected] Russia Krasnodar
Rita ANDERSON [email protected] United Kingdom London
Rita annor [email protected] Ghana Accra
Rita Dobiya [email protected] Senegal Dakar
Rita Hamed [email protected] Senegal Dakar
Rita johnson [email protected] United Kingdom London
Rita leo stevens [email protected] Senegal Dakar
Lina Linagary007 [email protected] USA Pewamo MI
Alice Mensah [email protected] Ghana Accra
Rita Rita [email protected] Russia Moscow
Rita Williams [email protected] USA Young America MN
Rita Snegovaya [email protected] Ukraine Kremenchuh
Rivera brady [email protected] USA New York New York
Valentina RIZKOVA [email protected] Ukraine Other
Richard james [email protected] United Kingdom Luton
Maria Rybakova [email protected] Russia Kazan
Irina goretska [email protected] Ukraine Rivne
Linder Roberts [email protected] USA Newark NJ
Angela Roebertson [email protected] USA New York NY
Irene Mccoy [email protected] USA El Paso TX
Chantal Barbour [email protected] Lebanon Jubayl
Robin Lern [email protected] USA Rochester NY
Roby smith [email protected] Ghana Accra
Ekat Rokina rokinaekaté[email protected] Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Natalya Kurdyukova [email protected] Russia Kazan
Ekaterina Katya [email protected] USA New York New York
Anna n [email protected] Russia Moscow
Svetlanasype sv [email protected] USA New York NY
Roonie carlson [email protected] USA Los Angeles CA
Svetlana belonosova [email protected]
[email protected]
Russia St. Petersburg
Polina Tchusowitina [email protected] Russia Moscow
Tatyana Aduashvili [email protected] Russia Rostov
Rose Antwiwaah [email protected] Ghana Sunyani
Rose kuru [email protected] Senegal Dakar
Dora Dora [email protected] Ghana Accra
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