(Last Updated On: December 30, 2017)


We recently posted about a welfare abuse scam in New Orleans (see the newspaper clip or click here), but it is not just about that one scam, it is about all scams in reality.

These kinds of scams were engineered to happen by people that cared only about their own vanity and vainglorious prestige. Just like the romance scams and other kinds of online fraud we see every second now.

When we create a society that rewards fraud or laziness over productive and creative work what do we leave for the future?

Poverty and the loss of our humanity. That is what we leave.

This is the scam that some elites and governments have fed us for decades and centuries.

Every person is creative and can contribute in life. Maybe most will never be millionaires or billionaires, but fulfillment comes form contributing not taking.

To be poor is not a measure of your worth or contentment unless we make it that and unless we accept that it is that.

That is going to be our challenge over the next two generations, to decide if we want a future of purpose or purposelessness.

We can have any job, and maybe we don’t make much, but we can give something to strangers or create art that all can enjoy. The most meager artesian in Calcutta can do this and live a contented purposeful life.

It is always about measuring our expectations and not wanting what is unreal. If we can do that, we can find the way to provide the basics for all. If we can stop the madness that really does not make society a better place, we will have the resources for the elderly and those that cannot contribute anything (because of infirmity) and provide the basics of healthcare and a home and food for everyone.

But as long as people demand things that ARE NOT their right as humans, we will waste the precious resources we contribute and there will not be these things for those that truly need them. And in fact, it gives the elites the means to control us and take away our humanity.

In today’s society we need to provide the basics for everyone – which we actually do (as long as they are not abused). But it is up to everyone to find ways to contribute to everyone else too. But if we devalue that by giving it to those that are capable of providing it for themselves, or giving more than they need, then we reduce us all.

Life is a struggle only when things beyond our control make it that way. But most people struggle for what they want, not what they need.

Think about the things we hate in society, such as credit ratings that measure our value. Why do we have these? Because of abuse by many. So everyone was reduced because of the greed of a few. When every able person contributes, then such inventions become unnecessary.

You may not have seen it that way but those of you who participate in this group are actually doing that – you are contributing to the others that are here. Not only are you accepting the help of others, but you are contributing back in kind (and kindness) Let’s hope that those who never say anything contribute elsewhere.

RSN is one of my contributions (since I fund and contribute my time to it, while I also employ the RSN team).

Most people don’t look at companies as contributing, and there are many that don’t, but most companies contribute massively through the good works that their own employees make in society. By employing them and providing their income, that they in turn can contribute back to others. But few pay attention to the fact that well over half the companies in the world contribute directly to making the world a better place.

I say this not to make me and others look better, but to help you all understand that what you lost, was not just your loss alone, but a loss for all of society, AND that while it is a loss for you and us, it is also an opportunity for you to look at it as a new opportunity for you to find a new contentment and contribution through reaching out and helping others who have also been affected like you have.

What really do most anti-scam groups contribute? Most feed the egos of their leaders. Some (and there are some for sure) do good works for the people they help. But it is not charity (in the purest sense, because charity should be reserved for those that can not contribute back). It is a simple philosophy called “Givers Gain” – meaning that through the act of contributing you gain the contributions of everyone else. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts!

By stopping to help one person you can change the world for the better forever, but by feeding a person’s vanity (even your own) you harm the world forever. Which will you choose?

Dr. Tim McGuinness,
RSN Founder and CEO