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SCARS|RSN™ Scammer Gallery: Winter Women #18278

SCARS|RSN™ Scammer Gallery: Winter Women #18278 More Wonderful Scammers From Around The World Some familiar faces and new stolen images from women around the world! Updated: March 26, 2019     SCARS|RSN™ Team A SCARS Division Miami Florida U.S.A.   TAGS: Africa, Female, Female Scammers, Fraudster, Fruadsters, Ghana Romance Scams, Nigeria Scams, Romance Scam, Romance Scammer, Scam, Scammer, Scammer Gallery / Fraudster Album, Scammer Photos, Stolen Image, Sweetheart Fraud, Sweetheart Scams, Woman, [...]

Four Corners – Meet The Scammers – Full 46 Minute Documentary [VIDEO] – SCARS|RSN™ ScamTV™

SCARS|RSN™ ScamTV: Four Corners - Meet The Scammers - Full 46 Minute Documentary [VIDEO] [Video Fixed - Playback Through Facebook Was Blocked - Video Link Updated From Producers Site - Playing Correctly Now] The Full-Length Australian Documentary About African Romance Scams This is the full 46-minute episode from Australian TV. For copyright compliance, it streams from the originator's original file, so may take a minute or two to load - be patient.    If You Have [...]