President Obama

RSN™ Commentary: Talking About The Real Causes Of The State We Are In

RSN™ Commentary: Talking About The Real Causes Of The State We Are In A participant in one of our social media groups objected to a comment about President Obama that was made in an article. It Important That You Understand Our Position We are a unit - a division of the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams [SCARS] While we are a victims assistance & support organization registered with the United States government, we are [...]

The Politics Of Scamming

Let's talk about something terrible! Politics! OMG Run Away! Seriously! Politics! Ok, we have a unique perspective that is not based on political parties, but rather actual actions. When you are a victim, what matters to you is that someone destroyed your life, your heart, and your wallet - funny how that sounds like politicians, right? But seriously, our decisions have consequences. In 2000, in the United States we elected George W Bush - a [...]

Who Did What About Scammers?

Who Did What About Scammers? This is not about politics or who people voted for or who they hate just because they can. This is about change, the type of change that is producing real results. The world is on fire and if people can't recognize that, then they are part of the problem. However, some of us are ignoring the haters and getting the job done. They can join us or hate us, we [...]