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Denial Is A River In Nigeria

Denial Is A River In Nigeria For those of you who are SO AFRAID that your family or friends will find out you have been scammed, think about this! That VERY SAME FEAR is what is most likely going to get you scammed again and again. You are showing that you have not learned. You are showing that you have not accepted your role in what happened. You are showing you are still in denial. [...]

Another Nigerian Facebook Scammer: Obiechina Chikeluba Arrested

Lagos Nigeria Student Scams UK Woman in Facebook Love Scam Obiechina Chikeluba of Lagos Nigeria Arrested A Federal Science and Technical College student named Obiechina Chikeluba has been arrested for scamming a United Kingdom woman of £54 000 in a love/dating scam. Name: Obiechina ChikelubaAlias: Lisa Jackson Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) arrested Obiechina Chikeluba, aged 21, for allegedly defrauding the complainant, Kieran Oakes. He met and scammed the victim on the social networking [...]