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The Emergency Scam Is The Most Common

Scammers use the emergency scam approach, with variations, because it hits the victim in the heart.

It relies on your sympathy, and willingness to help a person in need.

There are countless variations, and the scammers are getting smarter and smarter.  However, they ALWAYS show their stupidity in the end, because the one thing they don’t know is what it is really like to be from where they say they are.  Institutional, or local knowledge can not be obtained online.  You are either from a place or you are not.  And you can always catch them in their stupid lies.

Here is a case study of a new variation from a person named Emily Jones on Badoo.com

Her Profile:  http://badoo.com/01287324597/ 

Her Email:  Emily Jones – Campbell, California – [email protected] – (201) 949-0124

Emily Jones Photo Gallery:


BACKGROUND:  She is supposed to be from Miami.  Notice the bad English – you could excuse that if the person was an immigrant – but there is more here – this person never lived in the “United State” ;)

[Our comments are in brackets]

Emily — 06 20 14 13:22
I will really like to know such an handsome man like you as well
Me — 04:15
Hi Emily. Can you tell me a little about yourself? Where you live, and kind of work you do? About your family?
Emily — 11:02
Good to hear from you. and I’m glad to know you’re interested in me so I’m assuming that you still want to correspond as friends.
Well I am an only child and my being so shy did not help my social situation at all. My parents were divorced when I was 11-12 and I was sent to my grandmother to live. I was very unhappy because not only did my world fall apart but I could not spend it for any length of time with either of my parents. I have many sad memories of leaving my Mom’s after the weekend because I was so unhappy at my grandmother’s. I know for a fact this is why I stayed in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship for so long.