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The Emergency Scam Is The Most Common

Scammers use the emergency scam approach, with variations, because it hits the victim in the heart.

It relies on your sympathy, and willingness to help a person in need.

There are countless variations, and the scammers are getting smarter and smarter.  However, they ALWAYS show their stupidity in the end, because the one thing they don’t know is what it is really like to be from where they say they are.  Institutional, or local knowledge can not be obtained online.  You are either from a place or you are not.  And you can always catch them in their stupid lies.

Here is a case study of a new variation from a person named Emily Jones on Badoo.com

Her Profile:  http://badoo.com/01287324597/ 

Her Email:  Emily Jones – Campbell, California – emilyjones_223@yahoo.com – (201) 949-0124

Emily Jones Photo Gallery:


BACKGROUND:  She is supposed to be from Miami.  Notice the bad English – you could excuse that if the person was an immigrant – but there is more here – this person never lived in the “United State” ;)

[Our comments are in brackets]

Emily — 06 20 14 13:22
I will really like to know such an handsome man like you as well
Me — 04:15
Hi Emily. Can you tell me a little about yourself? Where you live, and kind of work you do? About your family?
Emily — 11:02
Good to hear from you. and I’m glad to know you’re interested in me so I’m assuming that you still want to correspond as friends.
Well I am an only child and my being so shy did not help my social situation at all. My parents were divorced when I was 11-12 and I was sent to my grandmother to live. I was very unhappy because not only did my world fall apart but I could not spend it for any length of time with either of my parents. I have many sad memories of leaving my Mom’s after the weekend because I was so unhappy at my grandmother’s. I know for a fact this is why I stayed in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship for so long.
Me — 11:03
I am sorry to hear that Emily
Me — 11:04
do you have any plans later today? would you like to meet and talk?
Emily — 11:05
Well I can say yeah but am currently in California     [ of course they are never where they say in their profiles ]
Me — 11:06
how long have you been there?
Emily — 11:06
Well just 2weeks now am here for an interview and it doesn’t successful
Me — 11:07
sounds like bad luck
Me — 11:07
when are you coming back to Miami?
Emily — 11:07
Yeah and am going through hell here
Me — 11:08
why what’s going on?
Emily — 11:08
cause I live with a friend and her family, and I’m really tired of here and I can’t continue to live here cause it has been coming too much of her now that she has been treating me like slaves, and told me that I should leave her place she needs a privacy with her man and I’m due to her because she is the one called me here for an interview and really unfortunate for me that the interview went unsuccessful and I have to spend all the money I’m taking with me here and I have no penny with me and I’ve even borrow some money her and she has been threatening she will arrest me if I do not pay her money until next Wednesday and I have to leave her place, also on Wednesday,am so really confused and I have no where to get the money for her even to get back to Miami ..
Me — 11:09
screw her, just get on a bus or plane back here     [ she traveled 3,000 miles for an interview, and has no money – of course! ]
Me — 11:10
I guess you are too busy to chat
Emily — 11:11
No am not busy to chat am here with you just that am feed up of my life
Me — 11:11
what town are you in there?
Emily — 11:12
Me — 11:12
I know it
Emily — 11:13
Yeah baby
Me — 11:13
are you a native ameican or do you have a green card
Emily — 11:13
Am helpless here  
Emily — 11:14
I do have my passport but I lost last few days now    [ a passport has nothing to do with residency ]
Me — 11:14
so you are not a resident?
Emily — 11:16
Am not a resident here cause I’ve lost my passport few days ago baby
Emily — 11:16
and that is why am helpless here
Me — 11:16
I can have someone help you and put you on a bus to Miami
Me — 11:17
it’s not complicated
Emily — 11:17
That will be fine but am owing her and she will get me arrested if I could come up with her money on wednesday   [ she could go home and pay later, but they are always held hostage ]
Me — 11:17
arrested for what? she is breaking the law with evicting you
Me — 11:18
what address are you staying at?
Emily — 11:18
No baby am owing her and I could get her money she can do and undo
Me — 11:18
what is your cell phone number, sow we can talk about this?
Me — 11:19
how much do you need?
Emily — 11:19
Well baby my phone has been broken but I have one with me that we could text each other to baby   [ yes, you can never call them, just text ]
Me — 11:20
what is that number?

Emily — 11:20
All am giving was just 300$
Emily — 11:20
(201) 949-0124        [ a New Jersey number for someone from Miami in California? is actually a SMS to email service ]
Me — 11:22
can I reach you by email?
Emily — 11:24
Yeah you can baby emilyjones_223@yahoo.com    [ scammer style email address ]
Me — 11:25
300 isn’t so much, I can probably help you.
Emily — 11:27
I will so much be appreciative
Emily — 11:27
Mail me on there and let chat more better    [ she wants to get off Badoo now – typical scammer ]
Me — 11:27
I guess the easiest way would be to overnight the cash to you in Campbell
Me — 11:28
what is your address there in Cambell?
Me — 11:28
also need your full name?
Me — 11:30
Me — 11:31
I guess you are chatting with too many other guys to need my help
Emily — 11:31
So you are coming down here or you want to send the money over night and by in the morning I will be on way to Miami
Me — 11:31
that is what I offered
Me — 11:32
but I am going to need your name and address
Emily — 11:35
Has I’ve told you my passport has been lost maybe you should send the money to her?    [ she never did give me her full name for FedEx ]
Me — 11:36
ok, what’s her name and address?
Me — 11:37
Where do you live here in Miami? Do you have an apartment?
Me — 11:39
Emily — 11:39
Sound good why don’t you mail me on my yahoo im or you text me your cell phone and let me give you the details there and we could share some pics as well on there?   [ again wants to get off Badoo ]
Me — 11:39
why not now?
Emily — 11:40
Sound good why don’t you mail me on my yahoo im or you text me your cell phone and let me give you the details there and we could share some pics as well on there?
Emily — 11:40
I can give it you now but there will be more good and safety
Me — 11:41
I am not near my computer right now, I am doing this from my phone. I will need to send you the money in the next hour to make it there by tomorrow morning    [ force them to give you the info now! ]
Me — 11:41
send it to me now, I will not be able to help you
Me — 11:42
I am happy to help you Emily, but if you want my trust, you have to give me your trust
Emily — 11:42
Well give me just 3minutes let me get her full name from her ok
Me — 11:43
Emily — 11:43
Am giving you my trust and I will always give it to you as well
Emily — 11:44
and I want you to know that I’m a very passionate and romantic lady, and not afraid to show my affections in private or public. I am very clean and like seeing things and people clean as well.I will always treat my man well and with respect and love and cherish him.
I’m very easy going and down to earth.I Believe that a strong relationship is not based 
only on sex life but that a strong relationship builds a strong love life 
that leads to a strong and great sex life and can only happen with open communication,
trust and commitment and constantly working together and being honest with each other  [ wtf? ]
Me — 11:44
what is your address in Miami, so I can find you when you return?   [ of course never gave that ]
Me — 11:49
Me — 11:49
what is going on there?
Me — 11:50
ok, well I am going now. Good luck
Me — 11:51
remember, I did offer to send you to money
Me — 11:52
but you are being rude
Me — 11:53
do you really expect that someone is going to send you money without any information?
Me — 12:01
if you send me the address, I will send the money today
Emily — 12:04
Am really sorry I was with her to get her full name and can I give it to you now Me?
Me — 12:05
Emily — 12:07
Talk to me are you there?
Me — 12:07
I am here
Emily — 12:08
Here is the Address 98 Dot Ave, Campbell, CA 95008     [ is a real address – easily found on Google ] 
Me — 12:08
Is that a red house?  Her name?
Emily — 12:08
and here is the full name you need to send the money
Me — 12:09
Emily — 12:10
Name..Angel Escamilla   [ a man’s name ]
Zip code…95008
Me — 12:11
That is a man’s name
Me — 12:13
is his wife Kristina?
Emily — 12:14
She married    [ did not actually answer the question, found his wife’s name on Google ]

Emily — 12:14
Am living with her and her family    [ family?  they are in their 50’s per Google ]
Me — 12:15
I have a question. When I pay them, do you have your airline ticket to come back to come back to Miami?
Emily — 12:16
Baby you are the one who said that you have someone who could help me there baby    [ no answer of course – just more spinning ]
Me — 12:16
I just want to understand. You owe her 300, but you don’t have a ticket right?
Emily — 12:17
Me — 12:17
you have your driver’s license with you?
Emily — 12:18
No I don’t have a car   [ not what I asked ]
Emily — 12:18
But when I get to you I hope you could get me one?    [ that’s a bit presumpuous ] 
Me — 12:19
what identification do you have?
Emily — 12:20
I own an apartment there in Miami and I live there alone but it was close now
Emily — 12:21
So are you helping me now baby ?   [ no answer to the ID question of course ]
Me — 12:21
we have the problem of how to get you a ticket. If you have no identification, you can’t not travel by plane
Emily — 12:23
Baby I knew that and that is why I was thinking may be I should make sale of one my jewelry and I could come up with some money
Me — 12:23
money is not the problem, you can’t travel without identification
Emily — 12:23
So if you try and help me with some money more and when I get there to you I will apy you back  [ avoiding the question of ID ]
Emily — 12:24
pay back
Me — 12:24
What identification do you have?