Denial Is A River In Nigeria

For those of you who are SO AFRAID that your family or friends will find out you have been scammed, think about this!

That VERY SAME FEAR is what is most likely going to get you scammed again and again.

You are showing that you have not learned.

You are showing that you have not accepted your role in what happened.

You are showing you are still in denial.

Truly accepting what happens does not mean you shout it from the rooftops, but it does mean that you accept that you were scammed – meaning you were targeted, and a team of scammers who were expert at what they do used techniques that you did not understand and were not prepared for against you.

It was your 9/11

But the shame you feel should not be for the fact that it happened,

it should be for not learning from it, and truly overcoming it. That includes preparing yourself for the next time, because trust us, there will be a next time.

Once you have been victimized by professional scammers, they will be back. And back. Again and again, until YOU learn to avoid them.

But SOME of YOU are hiding and avoiding learning!

If YOU have blocked our posts then that is exactly what you are doing.

HIDING from the TRUTH that could save you next time.

BUT you are also doing something worse. You are denying others that see your timeline the chance to learn before it happens to them.

You are the conduit for knowledge about online scams because you are here, but some of you block most of our posts (or all) for fear that people will find out and not understand.

Of course they will not understand. BUT you can help them understand.

Just imagine if ONE of your friends who was scammed – you do have at least one – had shared this knowledge with you before you were scammed, and was willing to talk openly about it.

Would you be a victim today?

Probably not.

You may be a lost cause, but your friends and family are not.

Why don’t you put on your adult pants and share a hard lesson with them to help keep them safe?

Have you had a traffic accident? You would share that knowledge right?

Have you had a burglary? You would share that knowledge right?

Then why are you hiding your scam?

We are sympathetic, we are the only registered scam victims’ support group. But that ends when you continue behaviors that are destructive against yourself and others.

All we can do is try to shake you. To get you awake. To recognize that knowledge is the only superpower that will save you from these Arch-Villains.

But if you are not listening and hiding in your cave, we can’t help you. But we will still try to help those you are keeping in the dark!