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SCARS™ Impersonation Victim: Danielle Delaunay Speaks Out [Video]

SCARS™ Impersonation Victim: Danielle Delaunay Speaks Out [Video] As is the case with many of the practitioners in the porn industry their photos are stolen and used to scam men. Unfortunately not all men victims understand that the face in the photo or video is NOT THE SCAMMER. Danielle Delaunay Speaks Out About Her Stolen Photos And Being Accused Of Being A Scammer! Or see it here: Learn more about Danielle Delaunay - click [...]

Stolen Face / Stolen Identity – LovelyMary4u : Have You Seen Her?

Stolen Identity: Have You Seen Her? LovelyMary4u Adult WebCamGirl & Impersonation Victim Frequently Used By Scammers To Fool Men! You Have Probably Seen Her Photos Before! The real LovelyMary4u is a Webcam Girl Online and is one of the earlier stolen photos that has been in use for a decade. We don't know her real name since like so many webcam girls they don't transition into adult videos - they just disappear. LovelyMary4u Is Another Scammers Choice [...]

Briana Lee – Adult Model / Webcam Girl – A Scammers Favorite

Scammers Favorite: Briana Lee - Adult Model / Webcam Girl They Love Briana Lee She Appears To Be The Perfect Woman! Beautiful, Hot, & Sexy - Except Her Photos Are Stolen By Scammers! Sorry Guys, they are all stolen photos of one of the Internet's Hottest Webcam & Porn Girls. Updated October 2018     Men Ex-Porn Stars Don't Live In Ghana   END   WESTERN UNION REPAYMENT PROGRAM NEWS FOR THE [...]