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Stolen Face / Stolen Identity – LovelyMary4u : Have You Seen Her?

Stolen Identity: Have You Seen Her? LovelyMary4u Adult WebCamGirl & Impersonation Victim Frequently Used By Scammers To Fool Men! You Have Probably Seen Her Photos Before! The real LovelyMary4u is a Webcam Girl Online and is one of the earlier stolen photos that has been in use for a decade. We don't know her real name since like so many webcam girls they don't transition into adult videos - they just disappear. LovelyMary4u Is Another Scammers Choice [...]

SCARS™ Guide: What To Do If Your Photos Are Being Used By Scammers

SCARS™ Guide: What To Do If Your Photos Are Being Used By Scammers What Should You Do! If your photos are being used by scammers you have some power! First, it is important to understand how this happened. You Probably Let Them Do It! In today's internet world, you have to be in control of your privacy and who has access to your information.  Facebook, Instagram, Google, Tumblr, Picasa, Pintrest, all allow control over who [...]

Top 10 Most Stolen Photos

Top 10 Most Stolen Photos WorldwideHere are the top ten favorite personalities that scammers steal photos from!These are worldwide favorites of scammers to use for fake profiles in social media and online dating websites.This is based up data compiled from the dating industry.