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When Real People Catfish! – SCARS™ Special Report

SCARS™ Special Report: When Real People Catfish! Texts And Photos Woman Used To Catfish A Man On An Online Game We present this because it is such an important story for everyone online looking for love to learn! A Stranger Used An Intricate Web Of Lies And Deceiving Messages To Catfish A Newly Divorced Man, Making Him Fall In Love With Her And Leaving Him “Humiliated” “I have never been so humiliated in my life.” [...]

SCARS™ Insight: The Difference Between A Scammer’s MULE and a MOLE

SCARS™ Insight: The Difference Between A Scammer's MULE and a MOLE Scammers Are Well Known For Convincing Victims Into Working For Them, Knowingly Or Unknowingly MOLES vs. MULES Sadly, many victims believe in the lies that scammers tell so completely that they become accomplices in the cybercriminals schemes. Some face arrest and jail time as well. Most of these are converted into what are called "MULES". They serve two roles: Money Mules serve [...]