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SCARS|RSN™ ADVOCACY: Help Us Defend A 63 Year Old Elderly Scam Victim From Spending The Rest Of Her Life In Prison! [UPDATED August 16]



UPDATE: Sadly we had to discontinue our efforts to help this manipulated victim of a romance scam. We had to tell the people involved that other victims will not help a victim in need. Everyone expects someone to save them until they are asked to help another. This is the reason why we discontinued the fundraiser. The real tragedy is both for this victim and the fact that no one else will try to raise funds for other victims in need.


Please join me and SCARS is helping to defend an elderly victim of Nigerian Romance Scammers from spending the rest of her life in prison!

Click This Link To Help Us Defend Her – Any Amount Will Help: «https://www.gofundme.com/mable-dulaney-defense-fund»

According to court records for Mable Dulaney, an elderly woman age 63, was arrested by the Ouachita Parish Sheriff regarding activity while under the control of a Nigerian Scammer team.

The woman was seduced by one or more Nigerian Scammers that she met online on Tinder – known to be flooded with fake and false identities and heavily used by African Romance Scammers.

Very few elderly victims have any idea of the risks of being online or how many fake identities are in use – over one billion fake identities on Facebook alone according to reports.

Dulaney told deputies she established an online relationship with a man on Tinder, and he asked her to buy another phone for them to talk and to open three checking accounts at three different banks to help him with his business activities.

Sadly This Is Extremely Common And Victims Are Heavily Manipulated Into Doing What The Scammers Want. This Is Far From Isolated, And There Are Over 5 Million Romance Scam Victims In The United States Alone.

According to Dulaney’s arrest warrant, the man notified Dulaney by text when money wires ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 were sent to her account and provided instructions for her to send the money to a bank in California. The man told Dulaney the funds would be invested in Bitcoin for his business needs.

Unfortunately, elderly victims are easily manipulated through a multitude of very effective techniques and are frequently converted into Money Mules if they cannot be scammed out of their own money. The result is an otherwise law-abiding citizen becomes trapped unknowingly into the web fo crime spun by the scammers.

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