Why Is The Case Of Mable Dulaney So Important To Other Victims?

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Why Is The Case Of Mable Dulaney So Important To Other Victims?

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SCARS™ Legal: Why Is The Case Of Mable Dulaney So Important To Other Victims?

Consider This Particular Case; Mable Dulaney Was Arrested For Being A Money Mule – In Other Words Money Laundering. So What?

So far there have been few money mule cases in the United States, and all of them (as far as we know) have been willing, knowing money mules!

But This Case Is Different!

This is a romance scam victim manipulated into unknowingly helping her scammer.

What makes it more important is that almost EVERY scam victim who sends money has committed some fraud and money laundering


a person or thing intending to deceive others

Consider That For A Minute …

If you sent money to your scammer you certainly committed fraud. Possibly bank fraud. Possibly tax fraud.

All of these could land YOU in prison for a decade or more if you were faced with an over-aggressive prosecutor.

Why? Because you lied when you sent the money

WesternUnion and the others ask you to confirm that you personally know the other person. You answered YES or they would not have let you send the money. But you did not personally know that person, you had never met them. It was just some name on a screen. That simple little lie is fraud. So you may have committed wire fraud and possibly bank fraud – all felonies.

If you, as so many victims have allowed their scammer to send you money which you then forwarded it is even worse. Now it is money laundering and possibly criminal conspiracy.

We always advise victims to report these crimes to the police, and if they acted as a mule go immediately because no one wants them to find them – and they will – it is just a matter of time. If they come forward voluntarily and tell the police they were duped they stand a far better chance of not being held responsible. But if they never come forward and the police find them it will be a sheriff on their doorstep one morning with an arrest warrant. That is what is happening in this case with Mable Dulaney.

In addition, all of the money that was received and sent through if unreported as income tot he IRS or Tax Agency would be tax fraud too. Even if you never received money from the scammer you might be required to declare it anyway.

What This Case Represents

In this case of Mable Dulaney, we see an unsuspecting romance scam victim arrested and going to be tried. A guilty verdict will spell doom for other victims as well. It certainly will mean that the prosecutors can go after every mule unknowing or not, and possibly after individual victims as well.

Remember that a mule is receiving proceeds from other victims, but even if not a mule, a regular victim is aiding a scammer in other ways including financially. We do not want to see any of these criminalized in actual practice and precedents set in case law.

That is why we are trying to help this Victim!

Not just to help her, but to help all victims avoid the specter of future criminal penalties.

Does that sound like something worthy of doing? Something worse getting behind and supporting?


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