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RSN™ Guide: Rescamming

Yes, it is a thing

Did you know that statistically, as a victim of a scam that you have a ONE IN SEVEN chance of being a victim again?

Most victims will shut down after a scam – not trusting anyone. However, for most the same tendencies that created the opportunity for the scam remains. You will still be too trusting even while you tell yourself that you trust no one.

Most victims seek out saviors after they have been scammed. If law enforcement does not respond, they seek out other authority figures to save them. This is only natural, but it opens the door to a range of scams that can follow.

Messiah Groups

The fact is there are good anti-scam groups. We know we are one, but there are also those that will take advantage of your vulnerable state by promising the sun the moon and the stars. Be careful of anyone promising anything. If it looks like a cult it probably is.

Support Groups

There are Approved and Registered Crime Victims Assistance and Support Groups, these are the SCARS Support Group. No other group is registered for Online Crime Victims’ Assistance.

However,  there are so many more that are not, that are run by victims that know nothing about how to help you recover. Victim Support is a serious matter and not the realm of amateurs regardless of how well-intentioned they may be. So look for groups that have training, experience, or certified staff that understand how to help people in a crisis. Look for a Support Group having the SCARS Logo who are SCARS Members in good standing.


Counseling is regulated by states and national governments. No anti-scam group can even use that word legally unless they have licensed counselors on staff.

Recovery Scams

This is one of the more despicable scams since it goes after victims to scam them again promising to recover their money.

In general, no one can recover your money except law enforcement. Private investigators the world over will promise much and deliver nothing except your empty wallet. Cultish group leaders say they go there and get your money or promise other things just as fanciful but they are not true and they never have. Anyone the says they will get your money back is lying. An honest person will admit they cannot.

In our 27 year history, even we have only recovered the money a handful of times.

Change Your Behavior

Once you have been scammed you need to stop the behavior that led you to be scammed in the first place.

Stop rebounding. Stop blindly trusting. Stop putting your faith in Snake Oil salesmen.

Nothing Is Easy, Nothing Comes With Guarantees

  • Scammers are rarely arrested
  • Most victims do not get their money back
  • Most victims will believe the wrong people again and again

Trust NO ONE!

Only trust what you can verify.

Look out for yourself FIRST. Stop worrying about helping the world learn the truth, the only person you are going to make the difference for is yourself.

Focus on your own recovery, we and others will take care of the world for you. When you HAVE recovered then we will welcome your help, because then you might be able to help. But for now, you are no help to anyone but yourself!


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