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SCARS|RSN™ Insight: Female Face Fixation Syndrome

Why Men Have The Hardest Time Accepting The Truth When They Are Romance Scammed


Long ago we observed that men especially seem to have the hardest time accepting the simple truth that they were scammed, and that it was by a team of scammers using stolen photos. They steadfastly grasp onto the mistaken notion that it is the young woman in the photos that scammed then  – her personally.

Of course, we know there are real scammers that use their own photos – in the Philippines and even in Africa. However, we are not talking about those. We are talking about stolen photos of American Porn Stars or webcam girls, actresses, celebrities, and others. But mostly about the adult stars or webcam girls, such as Briana Lee (for example).

We Refer To This As “Female Face Fixation Syndrome”

In truth, this falls under a variety of obsession and compulsive disorders, but this term fits their manifestation to a tee! This affects men 10x more than it does women, women handle the truth far better – though there are women who are so fixated and in denial about their Male Face that they cannot accept it either.

And yes, there is a female victim version as well – but not enough that it warrants it’s own title.

Men Become Delusional

Men, however, have the hardest time accepting that they were scammed.

We have explored various aspects of this in other articles, such as Delusional Syndrome, Amygdala Hijack, and Gaslighting. Men are especially prone to such hard belief in the reality that the women in the photo are their scammer that they make up incredible stories to support this fantasy, or take on the role of their defender against anyone that claims that their photos are simply being used by scammers.

Sadly, all of this makes it most difficult to provide assistance and support for men, as they carry their rage and hate for scammers (once they accept) for double or triple the amount of time that women typically do.

Fixation & Fantasy Examples

Here are examples of the total fiction that men victims have invested in the faces they fixate on – and no amount of truth can convince them otherwise. The examples are as written – typos and bad grammar left in.

Before we show the examples, let us explain why we are doing this?

Delusions and fantasies can seem very real, including