SCARS™ Insight: Female Face Fixation Syndrome

Why Men Have The Hardest Time Accepting The Truth When They Are Romance Scammed



Long ago we observed that men especially seem to have the hardest time accepting the simple truth that they were scammed, and that it was by a team of scammers using stolen photos. They steadfastly grasp onto the mistaken notion that it is the young woman in the photos that scammed then  – her personally.

Of course, we know there are real scammers that use their own photos – in the Philippines and even in Africa. However, we are not talking about those. We are talking about stolen photos of American Adult Stars or webcam girls, actresses, celebrities, and others. But mostly about the adult stars or webcam girls, such as Briana Lee (for example).

We Refer To This As “Female Face Fixation Syndrome”

In truth, this falls under a variety of obsession and compulsive disorders, but this term fits their manifestation to a tee! This affects men 10x more than it does women, women handle the truth far better – though there are women who are so fixated and in denial about their Male Face that they cannot accept it either.

And yes, there is a female victim version as well – but not enough that it warrants it’s own title.

Men Become Delusional

Men, however, have the hardest time accepting that they were scammed.

We have explored various aspects of this in other articles, such as Delusional Syndrome, Amygdala Hijack, and Gaslighting. Men are especially prone to such hard belief in the reality that the women in the photo are their scammer that they make up incredible stories to support this fantasy, or take on the role of their defender against anyone that claims that their photos are simply being used by scammers.

Sadly, all of this makes it most difficult to provide assistance and support for men, as they carry their rage and hate for scammers (once they accept) for double or triple the amount of time that women typically do.

Fixation & Fantasy Examples

Here are examples of the total fiction that men victims have invested in the faces they fixate on – and no amount of truth can convince them otherwise. The examples are as written – typos and bad grammar left in.

Before we show the examples, let us explain why we are doing this?

Delusions and fantasies can seem very real, including the made up stories. We hope that by showing these that they can trigger a realization in victims that may see these, that EVERYTHING they have been told by their scammers is a lie. It is what scammers do. The photo is a lie, the story is a lie, the person they pretend to be is a lie. Every victim has to accept and assume that everything they were told is a lie – in fact that will actually make it easier to recover.

The Following Are Actual Quotes From Comments Left By Male Victims:

  • Best Of The All

On March 15, 2018: Janessa Brazil was captured by International Spies to sentence to 50 Years in Concentration Camps in North Korea, Less than 3 months later, Brazil has to attempted to plea to China, or Russia plans to escape to North Korea, Later was recaptured to sent back to prison to North Korea. Then are July 8, 2018 Janessa Brazil was in chained in a Prison Camps. Movements later out of nowhere when North Korea Leader Kim Jung Un was here, Then all the sudden Janessa Brazil was shot in the head. Brazil was killed instantly. Was barried in ashes of hell. Janessa Brazil is gone @ 32 years old.

Sadly, we just can’t fix this person! This is complete make believe – but it is also something this person is spreading around.

  • Example #1

I know now where she is brianna that is! ! Shes in St lous USA I have pictures of her at the game las season and trust me I know. Her and have seen every inch of her body ! Anyway she was. Wearing a Cardinals T shirt and. Fatigue shorts she ran in the womens bathroom when my partner photograghed her ! We let her be I only wanted to know where she really lives ! Got her adress to but im sure as many men as shes scammed ! Somone will get blood on their. hands. But not me ill let God judge her one day I know what she is !

  • Example #2

Well were supposed to get married soon so all you fools give us a great wedding present lol !
This bitch will take your last pennie whoever she is ! Sje tells me everyday how much she loves me and we will soon be married , I was in tbe porn indystry and did some soft. Porn that never came out with her ! Im actually talking to her twice a day but have sent her no more money in monthes ! Ive talked to her and it is her voice shes not in accra though , stop think before semding a cent ! No ajara is not briana ! Trust me they look a little alike but not if you really know her ! How many men shes scammed is unreal yet she claims its not her but an old boyfriend that took her laptop and is t y ing to make look bad she claims to be trying to clear her good name ?? Ill keep you posted gents meantime !

This one admits that he is being scammed, but cannot face the fact that is was not the face in the photo. In all cases, these have been posted publicly as comments on our website, and we have tried to help them understand the truth without success.

  • Example #3

briana is in accra and her sister is DaniDaniels but useing the briana Aziz and dani Aziz but dani is in wa name I been talking to Dani for over A year and she wouldnot do a video talking to me not her sisteris in accra and lost her bag and been robbed of credii cards.

  • Example #4

No it’s not true I know both dani Daniels and Briana lee dani lives in New York City she just got married I was with her at a personal apersnce st arcsbalds in Washington DC dec 19 2017 and she will not admit it but she has a twin sister that lives in Ghana Briana is not related to dani as far as the purse.getting stolen I have not heard of that I am in contact with dani Damiels mom we talk all the time Briana is a big romance scsmmer she got me for loads of money she scammed lots of men more than you could even believe my email is [REDACTED] if I can help

  • Example #5

I was about to be scammed for a massage.
She had a perfect picture. Went to the hotel she texted me.
I found she is a black ugly creature.
She had a knife and stoped me from going.
I screamed for help. And pushed her.
Finally she let me go after i screamed for help.
I know her hotel. And she is in room 201.
Is any thing we can do ?

Well, that was a tale. In the end, he would never provide any details, photos, anything. We had to conclude it was pure fantasy.

  • Example #6

A once very popular exobitionist, now a new person.
i know her quite well and knoiw she is being used by many, many scammers including her former boy friend who uses her former videos for his financial purposes.
she is a woman full of love, very honest and upfront.
guaranteed, this woman is not a scammer

One of the common fables told by “porn star” scammers, is that it was all the evil ex-manager or evil ex-boyfriend that is either 1) forcing them to scam, or 2) using their photos to scam.

  • Example #7

Well I am totally in agreement.Scammers in Ghana and Nigeria and maybe other countries are stealing photos of Ann Angel who actually lives in Kumsai, Ghana. Ann Angel is her Alias and I am prepared to imform you that her real name is Sandra (Not prepared to release her Surname) Sandra is a REAL Person who is 30 years old in May 2016 and is wishing to leave Ghana, a horrible country if you are white and Beautiful like she is. She is so real that she is leaving shortly to live and marry me in the South Pacific and get totally away from the Adult Star world which her ex boyfriend in New York is still using to promotoe all the former websites he established to exploit her. Ann Angel (Sandra) has not been involved with any of the websites for 4 years and is being blackmailed by the Ex.He regularly changes the sites and videos used to make them appear they are new.

The world needs to be aware that Ann Angel is the world leading EX PORN STAR and is being exploited by lots of Scammers and Ex Boyfriend who she stopped loving 4 years ago.

No guys, American, Canadian, and European porn stars do not live in Ghana – only the scammers do!

  • Example #8

Ya she admitted to me she was ann had to show her the pictures. She got caught up with the wrong people they used her to make money and she doesn’t see or get any of it. That jackass took advantage of her been young shy and new meat as is said. First home party and them feed them drugs. She is just as much a victim as the ones that get ripped off. Over there you have to produce x amount for the thugs or you are just no longer and they dump the girl some place and find the next on. She didn’t make but enough to survive. they used abused drugged her and she has had death threats. The night she popped up within 10 mins on hangouts well 1st strike and she did try to get money I said no figured end of hearing from her no she’s talked a few times.

  • Example #9

Ya they took it all from her and started the scams and find young girls and make them do that. The people that run this stuff give each girl a quota to make each day you make it and maybe a little more it all goes into bosses pocket and they get just enough a little food and this and that if there out they have body guards everywhere for the girls and intimidate them.

  • Example #10

Ann Angel is a scammer and brags about it on her website,I have contacted the Reno,Nevada Police Department as well as the F.B.I.,they are watching her websites as well as any contacts to me !

We think the FBI has more important things to do than watch a porn website.

  • Example #11

Look I do know her and she’s a really sweet loving girl who had her computer stolen by an ex boyfriend and he’s being investigated by the FBI and all the videos are now offline and have fun being raped in prison f###head. We are actually in love and ironically she’s actually in Ghana doing a nursing internship working for UNICEF giving vaccines to children and she intends to be a pediatric nurse and I’m becoming one too and prior I was a professional pilot and loved that and we both let crazies in and mine totally fucked my career and not Ann or Anna is such a hottie and I get why so many losers dig her but she’s mine now so feel free to jack off to her photos all you like but know you dumbf###s will never actually know a super hot girl like her and I’ve had some of the hottest girls in the world by talking to them like an actual person and making them laugh and you might want to try it seemtime to see how that goes. Or stay lame. Your choice dumbasses. Ciao dipshits.

You just cannot help someone like this, but at least he is a lesson to others.

  • Example #12

I’ve been in contact with her for about a week, or 2. Met on the website, and moved to hangouts, where she’s going by the name Bernice Serwaa. I seen her on cam in a house, says she’s in Beverly Hills, CA, but may go to the UK any time to take care of her late father’s’ estate. Luckily I’ve never sent her any money, as I’ve heard this scam before. She’s never asked for money, so I didn’t have any doubts, but I always do a reverse image search with anyone I talk to.

  • Example #13


  • Example #14

Let me tell you guys I was just dumped buy a Kim Barwer Swanson . I have her address , phone number,her birthday is today’s, we were going alone just fine till four days ago never here can’t tell she loves me all she wanted was the 100$ for her birthday. And I must be the stupidest guy here I thought that she would come back to me and get married I am a fool I won’t say how much money I am out it quite a bite

  • Example #15

I have been contacted a year ago by a girl in Ghana and she said she is Briana lee and quit her Job in porn because the company she was with had a billion dollar contract on her and she was not getting he rmoney and after talking to her she lived in colorado and left there for Ghana about 4 yeaers ago She send me a picture and it was dated the 15 of may 2016. she says that is her real name is Diana …….git was her grand mas name

  • Example #16

Gary is right. I talk to her every day she is a sweetheart. No person can scam you out of anything you don’t choose to give so don’t give away too much to anyone you have not met face to face and you should be fine. She has a heart… it’s been broken. She operates from a dark place. I want to help her come back ;-)

  • Example #17

Sorry all but Corin Riggs is in Africa and is a scammer

  • Example #18

I have been in recent contact with “Corin Riggs” and she has given me her undying love, as she has to so many others. she is listed on playboy network, and has admitted it, but it isn’t who is scamming me. I haven’t sent any money to her and I don’t plan to.

  • Example #19

Face it friend She must have told many the same line But she told me she is hair dresser in Las Vegas Nevada!!! But she never ask me for money .

  • Example #20

i have spoken to this olivia safew in ghana for 4 yrs. at first i wasnt sure but I know she is on the run from the government and is asking me for help!

  • Example #21

This photo is of the real Charoty Mensah. She is not a scammer. Is in facebook. Accra Ghana

  • Example #22

I have live Web cam with Danielle Delaunay , I know it’s her doing the scams !!!!! She is using the name Olivia Sam , Accra Ghana . Also helping is Frank Antonino 4003 galloping hill lane city Tom’s river new jersey , I sent money to him as the uncle to help her ? Get Danielle please ! I told her to show me something or do something on cam and she did it exactly as I asked ! It was not a movie or pre arranged some way !

  • Example #23

Danielle is definitely a romance scammer. This woman scammed me I video chatted with her many times it is danielle delunay I also have pictures that can proove its actually her going by name Riggs Sharon on hangouts she also has a partner Lawson Dickson kwasi my number is 4793209252

  • Example #24

I have speaking to this actual real person on web cam for 2 years now , I have over 200 photos of this person . she told me that a male person from the US stole her id when she was last there and started posting her photos and id on Adult web site’

  • Example #25

Josie Ann is now operating out of Cote D’Ivoire, Using the name Sonia Calet

  • Example #26

She now calls herself Linda Dora. What a bad person She likes to use the words Darling sweetheart Baby . She will tell you how much she loves you then ask you get mins for her phone or can you send money for food stuff . She will suck you dry and run away This women they should lock up and throw away the key.

As these comments suggest Men have a far greater degree of difficulty understanding and accepting the fact that they were taken in by an anonymous person behind stolen photos & videos.

It is our hope that by presenting these that victims will see their own misconceptions in these statements and force themselves to learn the truth so that they can accept and move forward with their recovery.

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