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RSN™ Special Report: The Culture Of Scamming – Ghana Scammers Go To Church That Endorses Sakawa

‘Sakawa’ Boys Flock Obinim’s Church For Help To Dupe ‘Clients’

A new video, sighted by Ghpage.com shows Bishop Obinim offering to help ‘Sakawa’ boys dupe their victims.

Of course, the church benefits from generous donations from scammers.

The Head Pastor And Founder Of International Godsway Church (Igwc) Bishop Daniel Obinim Full Endorses Internet Fraud Popularly Known As Sakawa!

The pastor in the video which went viral said he was not going to advise those involved in the act to stop saying the Americans and Europeans who fall victims to such activities are themselves fraudsters.

“Anyone who is into internet scam and committing fraud, the person he is frauding, which is the white guy is a fraud himself. So I won’t advise internet scammers to stop scamming people, they should continue scamming the people” he said.

In the latest video (below), Obinim was seen interacting with some people who admitted to being internet fraudsters (Sakawa scammers) in his auditorium.

In an interaction with one of the ‘Sakawa’ boys, Obinim tells the fraudster to bring photos of their would be victims so he can help them to make them[clients] pay more whiles one of the who is a Nigerian testified that Obinim once helped him to extort a whopping 12,000 euro from one of his ‘client’ in Sweden.

One Ghana Scammer Actually Presented A Photo Of His Victim And Asked For Help!

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According To Multiple Sources: The Good Bishop Is Far From A Saint

According to local Ghana media:

Bishop Daniel Obinim’s name is synonymous with controversy in Ghana, the founder of International God’s Way Church.
He seems to be in the news for anything but Christianity as you would think a pastor is supposed to right?

Over the past few years, these are some of the things he has done that made headline news in Ghana.

In November 2009, the Suame Divisional Police Crime Officer, DSP Kwaku Duah, confirmed to PEACE NEWS that he had ordered Bishop Obinim to produce two individuals to assist in investigations into a case of conspiracy.

Bishop Daniel Obinim was alleged to be the brain behind a plot to bury dead snakes, bones suspected to be human parts and red candles at the church premises of a rival pastor, Prophet Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom, at Ahenema Kokoben, a suburb of Kumasi.

Bishop Daniel Obinim was at the police station to give a statement, after which he was granted bail by the police.

Giving People HIV?

In January 2010, Obinim again became a subject of news when a 30-year-old trader, Florence Nyame, threatened to take legal action against him for publicly claiming that she was infected with the deadly HIV\AIDS virus.

According to Florence Nyame, medical reports made available to her by doctors indicated that she was not infected with the killer virus.

But Bishop Obinim allegedly told his entire congregation at Ashalebotwe in Accra that the woman’s failing health was due to the fact that she had contracted HIV/AIDS.

A tearful Florence said this had made her a laughing stock in her neighborhood ever since the day of the announcement before the large congregation.

In Still Another Case: The Bishop Beats Up Hot Fm Presenter With A Crowbar

In 2012, Bishop Daniel Obinim, founder of International God’s Way Church went to the studios of Hot FM in Accra and attacked Mr. Paul Kwame Ntim the host of the ‘Nya Asem Hwe’ programme and vandalized the studio’s glass partition and property worth GH¢130,850.

He accused the presenter of spreading false news about him.

In 2011, a junior pastor of his church William Fobih accused Bishop Daniel Obinim of sleeping with his wife. Pastor Fobih left the church but not before revealing that Bishop Obinim used ‘juju’ to charm his wife. Obinim responded by casting infirmity spell on Fobih’s son or daughter.

Christian Bishop Engaged In JuJu

Obinim claimed he can transform into any animal to visit his church members, this made him trend for weeks. This case worsened when his wife, Florence Obinim backed him up, confirming he can indeed transform into other animals.

Attacking Other Pastors

Obinim has directed his rants toward his fellow pastors who speak against his doings. Obinim’s attacks came in the form of vulgar words on his TV station. His victims were Rev. Sam Korankye of The Royal Chapel church and Rev. Owusu Bempah, who wouldn’t have it and called out Obinim for a spiritual fight.

Outrageous Claims

According to the Ghana Press …

From: http://omgvoice.com/news/ridiculous-claims-bishop-obinim/

He Can Turn Into Anything Including Animals And Trees

The man of God speaking in an interview on his television channel, OB TV, indicated that when he enters the spiritual world, he can practically turn into anything. He said he once visited a member with his father Jesus and he Obinim turned into a Tiger, whiles Jesus turned into a Lion. Later in his church, Obinim further stated that he can turn into any animal of this earth once he goes spiritual. If this is not ridiculous, then we have no idea what is.

He Can Retrieve Passports From The Spiritual World

During service in his church, a member claimed that her passport had gone missing and she needs that to acquire a new one. Obinim indicated that the passport was taken in the spiritual world but he’ll go there to retrieve it. After minutes of gymnastics to show that he was going into the land of the dead to retrieve the passport, he threw the passport unto the floor with his members jubilating. This is the most ridiculous of claims ever.

He Can Change Body Parts

After his now infamous animal transformation statement, Obinim once again made another ridiculous statement to support his earlier claims. According to him, he’s been given the power by God to do basically anything once he enters the spiritual realm. He asked his members to approach him if they feel they are not content with a body part and he’ll change it for them. He said he can enlarge b00bs, butts, manhood, make someone tall or make another short. Boy!

He Is An Angel

His members now refer to him as Angel Obinim. According to him, he’s been made an angel by his father Jesus.

He Can Enter Peoples Dreams

In his response to Afia Schwarzenegger who questioned his “walk by” prophecy where he was telling his members what will happen to them including death, Obinim said he’ll enter Afia’s dream and deal with her. He asked her to contact all those who have had dream encounters with him so they tell her what happened to them. He said he is feared by everybody including fetish priests and other pastors because he’s been dealing with them spiritually.

Here Openly Talking About His Hidden Internation Wealth

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Churches such as this one are the perfect method of laundering huge sums of money!

The church’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AngelDrObinim/

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FAQ: How Do You Properly Report Scammers?

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