Scam Basics

Emailed & Downloaded Photos May Contain Malware

Emailed & Downloaded Photos May Contain Malware SCARS Scam Basics Don't Open That Photo Attachment The Dangers Of Downloading Photos From Stranger Emails Or The Web It Has Long Been Known That Image Files Can Contain Malware This can apply to photos sent via email or ones downloaded from social media or photo-sharing websites, even Google Drive (Docs). Remember that NOT everyone is what they seem, some are [...]

SCARS™ Scam Basics: Who’s Job Is It?

SCARS™ Scam Basics: Who's Job Is It? Many Scam Victims Seem To Poorly Understand How The Real World Functions To help enlighten, we offer the following overview and list of "jobs" related to scams and scammers and who does them. SCAMMERS Of course, these are the criminals. But few understand that this is a massive global trans-national cybercriminal empire with revenues of in the Hundreds of Billions of U.S. Dollars annually (current cybercrime costs are [...]

SCARS™ Scam Basics: Basic Fakery Deception & Lies

SCARS™ Scam Basics: Basic Fakery Deception & Lies The Typical Relationship Scam Has A Simple Set Of Basic Fakes Or Lies As you already know, not everyone using online dating sites or social media is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos stolen from other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. This is the essential element of a romance scam. At Their Core, Romance Scams Rely On Impersonation, Fakery, [...]