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RSN™ Guide: Scammer Crime Scene Investigation

RSN™ Guide: Scammer Crime Scene Investigation Profile Forensics Updated September 4, 2018 When You Connect With A Stranger, Look At Their Profile With A Critical Eye! Of Course, You Should Not Be Talking To Strangers Online! But You Probably Ignored That Warning! Look for the RED FLAGS If you see any, walk away! Don't try to explain it away. Just go! Walk Through The Profile It is important that you look before and after accepting [...]

See A Red Flag And Move On!

See A Red Flag And Move On! HERE IS A RIDDLE: HOW MANY RED FLAGS CAN YOU FIT INSIDE YOUR HEAD? Obviously, for most victims it is a lot! You see the RED FLAGS and ignore them. Then after a while your brain and the scammer work against you so that you don't see them at all. But in the beginning you saw them ... To avoid scammers you first have to accept a simple [...]

Hostility Is A Common Characteristic Of Scammers

HOSTILITYIS ONE OF THE COMMON CHARACTERISTICS OF ROMANCE SCAMMERSThe African & Russian Schools of Scamming have a similar characteristic, they are working huge numbers of prospect victims, and just don't have time to waste.When a victim that they have invested a large amount of time on, discovers that they are a scammers, and makes the mistake of accusing the scammer, the scammer first tries to argue that they are not.When the arguments and pleading do [...]