(Last Updated On: March 24, 2022)

See A Red Flag And Move On!


Obviously, for most victims it is a lot!

You see the RED FLAGS and ignore them. Then after a while your brain and the scammer work against you so that you don’t see them at all.

But in the beginning you saw them …

To avoid scammers you first have to accept a simple reality.

No one will contact you out of the blue who is real.

Real people may contact you but you and they already have a connection. You may be connected by mutual friends, or a workplace, clubs or charities, etc. That connection will be obvious and verifiable.

Fake identities lack that, so that is the first RED FLAG right there. You only need ONE RED FLAG to walk away.

This is the fatal flaw. Everyone who is scammed ignores that simple basic premise – real strangers are really really not out there trying to find love this way. And if they are, you don’t want to know them either!

It is so simple to avoid a scam, yet so hard for people to do it.

It is important to understand these things, not to blame yourself, but to learn from them.

Failing to learn from the mistake is what sets you on a path to either hating, or to denial with being scammed over and over.

You don’t want those paths.

You want to recover and learn. Don’t you?

Staring at an endless stream of fake faces is not how to learn. What that does is program you to be fearful of any new person you will meet in the future. Staring at those fake identities takes you down the road to despair.

Learn the lessons from your scam with our help and others who understand how this works and if you do, you will recover and be safer.

That is what you should want, isn’t it?

Going forward there two simple rules to apply to every new encounter online – with a person, a company, or a product:

  1. Ask yourself if it is real? Not if you want it to be real, but is it real?
  2. Then ask, how did it come to me? Did I find it, or did it show up out of the blue?

If it came to you out of the blue – walk away. Always!

  • If it was real, you will find it again.
  • If it was a person, assume real people do not do that. If they are real, then you will find them again in your connections.

Being safe means walking away from ALL strangers who come to you!

Being safe means not accepting any offers at first glance.

Being safe means not clicking on anything that you do not know is safe.

It simply comes down to this:

When In Doubt – Don’t
And Always Be In Doubt

Apply this to us and every other so called anti-scam group too! Because most of them are fake – some are amateurs trying to sell you that they are what they are not, and other run by actual scammers. Only a few are real – SCARS Members for example.

This is what it takes to be safe online!

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This is a message from RSN: 27 Years And Counting

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