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Why Are Men Scammed?

Why Do Men Become Victims Of Scammers?Men have several weaknesses that are hard-wired into them.These are good characteristics, but scammers use them to exploit men. Women also have exploitable characteristics, just different, but right now we are talking about men.Men have a tendency to be focused on appearance as there first point of connection. Scammers use this to create the initial lure. They use photos of extremely attractive women (in many cases porn stars) stolen [...]

See A Red Flag And Move On!

See A Red Flag And Move On! HERE IS A RIDDLE: HOW MANY RED FLAGS CAN YOU FIT INSIDE YOUR HEAD? Obviously, for most victims it is a lot! You see the RED FLAGS and ignore them. Then after a while your brain and the scammer work against you so that you don't see them at all. But in the beginning you saw them ... To avoid scammers you first have to accept a simple [...]