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RSN COMMENTARY ABOUT LEARNING AND RECOVERY What Are You Doing? If you never visit our actual Facebook page, and just rely on posts coming through your Facebook news feed, you are missing 90% of our information and wasting your time. Same is true of our websites. You put in the work with your scammer. Just imagine how many hours you spent letting the scammer scam you. Hundreds of hours at the very least, wouldn't you [...]

Why Are Men Scammed?

Why Do Men Become Victims Of Scammers?Men have several weaknesses that are hard-wired into them.These are good characteristics, but scammers use them to exploit men. Women also have exploitable characteristics, just different, but right now we are talking about men.Men have a tendency to be focused on appearance as there first point of connection. Scammers use this to create the initial lure. They use photos of extremely attractive women (in many cases porn stars) stolen [...]