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SCARS™ Knowledge: What Is Our Job?

Literally Every Day We Are Attacked For Not Doing Our Job!


But What Is Our Job?

So Many Victims Have No Idea How Scams Work Or What Is Realistic To Expect

We spend vast amounts of time explaining the process, working to help victims directly through our assistance and recovery programs – helping them set rational expectations, yet many are so enraged they are incapable of even hearing us.


I have reported a sscammer recently Steve Lawson gave all info and have not heard from you he wants more money of course wont get it and also a stolen profile of my friend they got me for 1000s of dollars and a military scammer who took me for 35000 dollars i want to report all but if i dont hear for more info i cannot do so please contact me’

But I have a few more to report but I have to know you guys are doing your job and letting me know that they’re caught

We asked what she thought our job was?

doing your job meaning that you guys are going to catch these people I gave you a lot of information that should be easy to get him and I have a lot of scammers and they come from the website POF 99.9% of the ones I met were all scammers Yvonne last me for money they’ve asked me for everything else and I don’t appreciate it but I want to know that they are being caught because I’d like to put this behind me and if nobody’s telling me anything that I don’t know

plus I’m very adamant as far as being a single parent that I know they’re caught because what they’ve done to me they’re doing to a lot of others and I’m not happy until I know

I have a lot of information on both or all three people and you guys really should see if you can’t get them

In exploring what this person wanted …

Well good night that’s why I reported to you cuz I hope you help me as well I’ve had enough of online scammers online dating sites that are all scammers it’s ridiculous you guys should have put forth to have these places shut down

We explained that we are not police …

well then you’re telling me that you’re no good because you not here to help catch them I recovered my life I live like I’m a single mother with a beautiful son and I have a job and I have family I don’t need scammers if you’re not going to help me I will find somebody who will and I’ll bust their ass my phone

We offered to help her recover emotionally – that she is clearly very angry …

you’re not here to help me you’re here to help yourself so in other words I don’t want nothing to do with you guys cuz you don’t do anyting you are from romance scam and I knew from the beginning they were nothing but crackheads because that’s all they do is try to get you to pay them money for this that and every other thing that’s not legal if it’s free it’s free if you guys ain’t going to help people what good are you you should be helping me get these people

We continued to try and calm her but then she accused us of being scammers too …

I hate to tell you I know what I fell into and I can tell you a scammer probably from the first time I

As we tried to explain what we do …

I don’t need your help to recover my life my life is recovered I’m worried about getting them arrested and I don’t live in a fantasy world thank you very much bye bye now cuz I don’t want nothing to do with you you guys are absolutely useless

you and everybody else my friend nobody wants to help anybody you’re all in it for money pay this pay that blah blah blah you don’t want to help anybody get caught

Oh my God sit there and tell me I need you guys are f****** stupid

What Some Victims Believe

As you can see, this victim believes that we or someone – anyone – should rush to her side and run out and arrest every scammer and shut down businesses such as dating sites, Google, Facebook, and others.

Sadly, that is neither possible nor rational. And we say that not to bash or blame this victim, but to point out that romance scams exist because people have expectations that “the impossible is possible” and it does not stop after they discover the scam. This is why the average victim is scammed multiple times.

Every victim needs to understand what is possible and what is not. They need to accept reality and that is the first step in their recovery.

As we have said before the fear after the discovery of a scam drives anger and rage. Victims like this one attack instead of listening. If we are not doing what they want when they want it, we are not doing our job.


What Is Or Isn’t Our Job At SCARS?

SCARS is a nonprofit NGO – meaning we function within the limitations of our charter and incorporation. We are tax-exempt and a charitable organization. Our functions are based upon our funding – meaning we do what funding permits and our Board of Directors mandate.

Worldwide there are only three known real NONPROFIT NGO organizations that specifically provide victims assistance and support for scam victims. SCARS (Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc.) is one of them.

In The Case Of SCARS, Our Job Is To:

  1. Provide primary scam avoidance education to potential victims.
  2. Provide information to help victims cope with and understand the “how and why” of their scam experience.
  3. Provide victims assistance and support to help the victim move past the scam and recover.
  4. Work with governments and law enforcement to better understand scams and potential solutions, as well as address current law or new laws if needed.
  5. Collect and distribute scam and scammer data (SCARS|CDN) for distribution to agencies around the world to facilitate law enforcement and governance strategies.

What SCARS Is Not:

  • We are not private detectives
  • We are not law enforcement
  • We are not bounty hunters

Do not expect ANY anti-scam group to chase down scammers and catch them. Any group that says they do is lying!

We hope this helps everyone adjust their expectations more realistically, and allows them to take advantage of our services in ways that will help them long term.

Open Hostility

Remember one thing clearly. Our team is made up of real people that are doing a difficult job helping traumatized scam victims. They are doing their best to help victims survive through their scamming experience. We help a thousand victims a day. And have helped thousands to recover.

We understand that this may be the worst day of your life, but that is no excuse to attack us or our employees or volunteers. That only guarantees that you will not get the help you need.

We do not tolerate hate or hostility directed at our employees or other victims. When we encounter it, we will block that person. Our team experiences their own trauma helping as many people in pain as we do. It is important that everyone understand that respect and civility are essential for everyone involved.

Other People’s Jobs

Here is an article that can help you understand the roles or “jobs” of others in the world of scams «CLICK HERE»

We wish every victim the very best and hope they seek and find real support.


SCARS the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Incorporated


A SCARS Division
Miami Florida U.S.A.


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FAQ: How Do You Properly Report Scammers?

It is essential that law enforcement knows about scams & scammers, even though there is nothing (in most cases) that they can do.

Always report scams involving money lost or where you received money to:

  1. Local Police – ask them to take an “informational” police report – say you need it for your insurance
  2. Your National Police or FBI « www.IC3.gov »
  3. The SCARS|CDN™ Cybercriminal Data Network – Worldwide Reporting Network « HERE » or on « www.Anyscam.com »

This helps your government understand the problem, and allows law enforcement to add scammers on watch lists worldwide.

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