SCARS™ Special Report: Latest Yahoo Boy Scammer Techniques

SCARS™ Scammer's Guides: Latest Yahoo Boy Scammer Techniques According To Yahoo Boy Blogs, These Are Their Latest Five "Formats" (Approaches) For Scamming [lwptoc] Introduction Scammers are spreading and it is important to understand their techniques to be able to block them and help others understand. In this series, we will be presenting various Nigerian Yahoo Boy Guides that we have found to help you better understand scamming and how they work. "The 5 Latest Scamming [...]

Taking Care Of Yourself – SCARS™ Recovery

SCARS™ Recovery: Taking Care Of Yourself Self-Care Is Very Important After A Scam What Is Self-Care? The term “self-care” refers to actions and attitudes we use to consciously contribute to the maintenance of our overall well-being and personal health. Self-care can include physical activities as well as emotional practices and changing our perceptions of situations in our lives. While this concept is big in the field of victim services, it can also be generalized to [...]

SCAMMER: Marlin Tayeb +226-64816396 Burkina-Faso

Last Updated on December 30, 2017 by SCARS Editorial Team

SCAMMERScammer A Scammer or Fraudster is someone that engages in deception to obtain money or achieve another objective. They are criminals that attempt to deceive a victim into sending more or performing some other activity that benefits the scammer.: Marlin Tayeb +226-64816396 Burkina-Faso Romance Scamming Expands To Burkina-Faso As Scammers flee from [...]