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RSN™ COMMENTARY: Tragic Misunderstanding

One of the things we see over and over, for many years, is the unrealistic expectations of scam victims.

In our RSN Guide to “What You Can Expect After A Scam” we talk about the specifics of what will and should happen, and what will not happen. Sadly few have read it.

Most victims do not understand how many scammers and victims there really are, here is a reality check:

  • There are over 100,000 (100 thousand) scammers active
  • There are over 13,000,000 (13 Million) romance scam victims (not including China)

Yet victims (in their desperation) expect us to investigate every reported scam. No one has the resources to investigate all online scams, regardless of how much it hurt you personally. No one.

We do understand the pain and the desperate situation that most victims find themselves in, but it does not change what is possible – harsh though that sounds.

No one but law enforcement or their affiliates (such as SCARS) can even trigger an investigation. All the Facebook amateur groups in the world are not going to get a scammer arrested. It just doesn’t happen that way.

Exposing scammers on Facebook does very little. There are approximately 400 Million (400,000,000) fake profiles on Facebook. When you post a scammers photo only a handful of people will see it. It needs to be reported somewhere (such as here or on where it will be indexed by Google to do any good.

Reporting them is vital so that governments know how large these crimes are. Without that, they cannot allocate resources or know how to help. But not the FBI or Europol, or any other agency will investigate most reports.

Regardless, collecting reports is critical, because the time is coming for large scam actions, such as we saw just this June around the world with the arrest of over 3,000 scammers.

The SCARS Network was designed to fill a huge void and to distribute scam reports worldwide. This, plus the reports that they get through police channels, helps law enforcement and governments put scammers on watch lists.

When law enforcement has enough information, then they can act. Or if scammers are on a watch list, then they can grab them when they cross borders. Otherwise, they have to wait.

That means YOU are responsible for your safety, education, and recovery after a s