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After The Scam Comes Disaster

After The Scam Comes Disaster - A SCARS Guide The Hard Times That Come After A Scam For scam victims understanding what to expect helps take away some of the anxiety that being a victim brings. AFTER THE SCAM COMES THE DIFFICULTY You all know what you felt after you discovered your scam. Heartache, despair, rage and anger, depression. The whole range of traumatic emotions that follow something like this. But few foresee the long-term consequences [...]

Financial Fraud Crime Victims

Financial Fraud Crime Victims & the United States Department of Justice U.S. Attorney's Role As the victim of a federal fraud crime, you may suffer financial and emotional harm and even medical problems relating to your victimization. And you are not alone. Millions of people in the United States are victims of fraud crimes each year. THE EMOTIONAL IMPACT OF FRAUD VICTIMIZATION Fraud crime is a personal violation. Your trust in your own judgment, and [...]