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Podcast Interview with Tim McGuinness, SCARS Director

Fraud Busting with Traci Brown A Podcast Interview The Traci Brown Interview With Dr. Tim McGuinness Busting Al-Queda Funding with Tim McGuinness Ep. 36 Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. is a director and founder of SCARS - the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. Tim McGuinness visits Fraud Busting with Traci Brown.  He’s the expert on socially engineered cyber-enabled crimes and fights fraud every day.  We’ll learn how in [...]


RSN EDITORIAL (IN ENGLISH Y ESPAÑOL) IS IT TIME FOR A DECLARATION OF WAR? Yesterday, we finally saw clearly who we are fighting, didn't we? It is one thing to bomb innocent people in airports and city streets, but what parent now doesn't feel in their gut the danger to our children? Why are WE commenting on this you ask? Because, as we have reported for YEARS, it is all connected! African scamming started in [...]