Confronting Scammers & The Guilt Or Flip Scam

Confronting Scammers & The Guilt Or Flip Scam It Is A Bad Idea To Confront Them When You Catch Them! What Happens When You Confront Your Scammer? A SCARS Guide They Lie Of Course! But It Is Not Wise To Call Them Out On It! We See And Hear This Literally Every Day A victim discovers the scam and confronts the scammer. We tell them not to, but few [...]

Scam Victims & Violating The Law

Scam Victims & Violating The Law Many scam victims made poor decisions during the scam that may have resulted in them committing crimes, and this frequently continues after the scam in violating still more laws! We are not offering legal advice. We are presenting this information so that if any of this affects you, you can talk to an attorney and take the appropriate steps to protect yourself. [...]

Surviving Sextortion / Sexual Photo Blackmail

Please Help Us Help Scam Victims Worldwide By Making A Small Donation To SCARS Your generous contribution of Just $5 will help us continue to educate & support the victims of relationship scams. You will be helping to support free scam avoidance education for adults & children, free victims' assistance & support, free victim recovery programs, real advocacy on behalf of victims, online crime prevention programs, and so much more that SCARS delivers. Click [...]


SCARS™ CURRENT ONLINE SCAMS THREAT INDEX Romance Scams 100 WARNING Scam danger at extreme levels - high probability of stranger contacts from all potential media - increased victimization Blackmail Scams 42 MODERATE Scam danger at moderate levels - significant probability of stranger contacts from all potential media - elevated victimization 419 Advance Fee Scams 24 CAUTION Scam danger at [...]

What Is Sextortion? Official FBI Video – SCARS™ ScamTV Video

What Is Sextortion? - SCARS™ ScamTV Video An Official FBI Video Used With Permission To Join SCARS Visit To See All Of Our SCARS / RSN Anti-Scam Posters Click Here » Copyright © 2019 Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Incorporated [SCARS] Third-Party Copyrights Acknowledged A Division Of The Society Of Citzens Against Relationship Scams Inc. [SCARS] RSN Founded 1991 • SCARS Founded 2015     SCARS™ Team A SCARS Division Miami Florida U.S.A.   TAGS: [...]


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WHAT HAPPENS ON SKYPE DOESN’T STAY ON SKYPE! Here is a post taken from SKYPE itself, but it paints a graphic picture of what can happen when dealing with scammers. Updated: June 11, 2014 Remember, they will steal your photos, and record your videos.  They will use them against you if they can! Take a look at this: […]

SCARS™ Scam Definition: EXTORTION

SCARS™ Scam Definition: EXTORTION Many Scam Victims Are Frequently Confused About The Definitions Of Cyber-Enabled Crimes, Such As Scams, Blackmail Or Extortion EXTORTION IS VERY SIMPLY OBTAINING BENEFIT THROUGH COERCION In most jurisdictions, extortion is a criminal offense. Pure and simple! Here is the definition in many U.S. States' Legal Codes: The crime of Extortion is committed when a person maliciously threatens to: Accuse another of any crime or offense; Injure the person, property or [...]