NEW for Scam Victims – The Power of Journaling in Your Scam Recovery

The Power of Journaling in Your Scam Recovery For Scam Victims A SCARS Self-Help Recovery Program Guide Click Here To Visit The SCARS Store SCARS BLUE BOOK Survivor's Recovery Journal A Scam Victim's Self-Help Recovery Journal (Click to View) Give yourself the perfect tool to measure and track your recovery progress while getting the therapeutic benefit of journaling! This official SCARS Self-Help Recovery Program Journal allows [...]

Journaling And Recovery From Scams – SCARS™ Victim Recovery

SCARS™ Victim Recovery: Journaling And Recovery From Scams The Key For Every Victim Is Balance And Recovery Should Begin With Journaling We are at the end of another year with 2019 around the corner.  What better time than now to consider the value of keeping a journal and tracking your daily life balance from an emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical levels. There are various types of journaling that you can do and is based on your personal [...]

Desensitizing – SCARS™ Psychology Of Scams

SCARS™ Psychology Of Scams: Desensitizing For Most Victims After The Scam Is A Very Traumatic Period NOTE: The following is not intended as a treatment or therapy guide but as a discussion of the subject matter. All decisions about mental health treatments or therapies should be made by patients in consultation with a licensed mental help professional. The trauma from the scam, romance scam specifically, will be very traumatic for an extended period of time. In [...]

Journaling Online – SCARS™ Recovery

SCARS™ Recovery: Journaling Online   [lwptoc]   We have talked about the benefits of keeping a recovery journal in the past, but journaling can be a challenge unless you are disciplined enough to maintain it and keep it handy. There is another solution: PENZU Penzu is your private, 100% customizable online journal. Loved by over 2 million writers around the world. To Learn More About How Journaling Can Help Scam Victims Click Here » You [...]