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NEW for Scam Victims – The Power of Journaling in Your Scam Recovery

The Power of Journaling in Your Scam Recovery For Scam Victims A SCARS Self-Help Recovery Program Guide Click Here To Visit The SCARS Store SCARS BLUE BOOK Survivor's Recovery Journal A Scam Victim's Self-Help Recovery Journal (Click to View) Give yourself the perfect tool to measure and track your recovery progress while getting the therapeutic benefit of journaling! This official SCARS Self-Help Recovery Program Journal allows [...]

Journaling Online – SCARS™ Recovery

SCARS™ Recovery: Journaling Online   [lwptoc]   We have talked about the benefits of keeping a recovery journal in the past, but journaling can be a challenge unless you are disciplined enough to maintain it and keep it handy. There is another solution: PENZU Penzu is your private, 100% customizable online journal. Loved by over 2 million writers around the world. To Learn More About How Journaling Can Help Scam Victims Click Here » You [...]

Desensitizing – SCARS™ Psychology Of Scams

SCARS™ Psychology Of Scams: Desensitizing For Most Victims After The Scam Is A Very Traumatic Period NOTE: The following is not intended as a treatment or therapy guide but as a discussion of the subject matter. All decisions about mental health treatments or therapies should be made by patients in consultation with a licensed mental help professional. The trauma from the scam, romance scam specifically, will be very traumatic for an extended period of time. In [...]