SCARS Insight Interview: Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. talks with Brett Johnson [VIDEO]

Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. talks with Brett Johnson [VIDEO] About Scams & Cybercrimes In Today's World SCARS Insight Interview A New Video from SCARS! A SCARS Insight Interview The World Of Cybercriminals & Scams Is Not What Many Tell You About It is a world of both professionals and services that allow almost anyone to become a cybercriminal with ease. Hear about this world as SCARS' Managing Director Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. [...]

The Bad News For 2021- An Editorial by Tim McGuinness Ph.D.

The Bad News Analysis For 2021 An Editorial by Tim McGuinness, Ph.D., SCARS Founder Presented by SCARS An Assessment Of Where We Are Now! By Dr. Tim McGuinness, November 11, 2021 I was part of several conference calls and presentations this last couple of weeks that was on global cybercrime and the grim state that we are in now. Unfortunately, the news in these calls was especially bad in many ways. [...]

RSN™ Guide: Romance Scam Delusion

RSN™ Guide: Romance Scam Delusion DISCLAIMER: The following is intended for informational and educational entertainment purposes only, and is not intended to be used in any way to diagnose a mental illness. All such diagnosis must be performed by a licensed doctor or psychologist. If you feel any portion of this may be applicable to you, consult a licensed doctor immediately for proper evaluation and diagnosis. de·lu·sion dəˈlo͞oZHən/ noun An idiosyncratic belief or impression that [...]