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The Near Future Of

A SCARS Editorial

By SCARS Director Dr. Tim McGuinness

Before There Were Scammer’s Money Mules

In the early days – just 10 years ago, scammers did not need money mules. They got their money directly, usually via Western Union. Scammers controlled the money transfer business, and even had their own moles inside these agencies – in some cases, they may even have owned the agencies. This was part of the poor controls that caused Western Union to be fined over $450 million dollars in 2016.

Those days came to an end when the money transfer business and governments began to crack down and illegal transfers direct to scammers.

However, today, scammers and criminals of every type have figured out that people are easily manipulated into becoming mules.

We Understand How It All Came To Pass

We know that victims can be easily lured into becoming a mule for their fantasy relationship partner. Some fall for becoming a mule through fake job scams, and almost every imaginable type of scam can result in