Are You A Money Mule?

This page will help you better understand what a Money Mule is and the potential consequences to someone that became involved.

Always remember that if you were involved unknowingly, you must contact your local police or you might be considered an active participant.

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5 Steps Guide For

Have You Received or Collected Money for a Scammer or a Stranger? – Now What?

This Is A Very Confusing Time For You

You may or may not have been the victim of a scam – some mules are involved in a romance scam, employment scams, etc., and some participate thinking they are going to make quick money! You may be in confusion, fear, and anger. You will be unsure about what to do now.

We have helped millions of scam victims and many many money mules and we know that it comes down to FIVE (5) BASIC STEPS.

First Thing

You need to understand that this may not be your fault, but there can be serious consequences unless you act responsibly now!

Do not feel ashamed of what happened. The scammers are professionals – yes scammers, there was more than one – they work in teams. They are expert manipulators, and you were not prepared. That assumes that you did not act as a mule willingly.