Money Laundering

Scammers Using Your Identity

Scammers Using Your Identity You Gave Them All They Need! A SCARS Insight Scam Victims Send Money To Scammers! But Sometimes Scammers Keep The Money In The Victim's Name! There is a practice that has been going on for at least a decade in several African countries, and in Asia and the Middle East too! The Scenario A scam victim wants to send a sizable amount of money to [...]

Risk To Victims Is Increasing – SCARS Insight

Risk To Victims Is Increasing A SCARS Insight Victims need to be much more watchful since they are at much greater risk than ever before! SCARS™ Commentary: Risk To Victims Is Increasing Victims Are Ever More At Risk Of Prosecution And Litigation Over Their Silence And Failure To Report Their Scams IMPORTANT CHANGES IN LAW ENFORCEMENT AND LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR VICTIMS You may not have known it but [...]

5 Steps Guide For Money Mules

Are You A Money Mule? This page will help you better understand what a Money Mule is and the potential consequences to someone that became involved. Always remember that if you were involved unknowingly, you must contact your local police or you might be considered an active participant. 5 Steps Guide For Money Mules Have You Received or Collected Money for a Scammer or a Stranger? – Now [...]