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Why Reporting Matters?

Not Only Is It Your Duty You Could Be Saving Lives!

Not all scammers are going to be investigated, but the information accumulates and eventually can be used!

Why Should You Report Scammers?

Did You Know That Most People Do Not Report Scammers?

We know that 95% of you who will read this will not report your scammer to law enforcement or any credible entity

That is Truly Tragic!

As citizens, each of us has a duty to report crimes. Yet when it comes to scammers most victims remain silent.

There are so many excuses:

  • The police are mean
  • The police do nothing about it anyway
  • I am embarrassed – I am ashamed
  • Why bother, scammers will just keep scamming

Yet, a huge number of people decide to expose their scammer on social media.

Why Is It Important To Report Scammers To Your Local And ?

Of course, the first reason is that it is your duty! But in an age of instant gratification, who cares about their responsibilities to anyone else?

However, there are many real reasons why you should do it!

Reporting Scammers To Law Enforcement Is Critically Important

Beyond keeping the local peace and preventing crime, all law enforcement has a legal responsibility to report crimes up through government, so local, state (provincial), and national governments understand the reality of crime. This reporting determines resources such as money and manpower. It determines training requirements and victims’ support needs. It also helps the government at the national level to understand what new laws and international cooperation may be needed to control this.