2022 National Crime Victims’ Service Award Nominee

SCARS Again Recognized by the United States Government for Outstanding Service to Crime Victims

A SCARS Announcement


We want to thank all of those that helped to nominate us.

It is a great honor to be recognized again by the United States Department of Justice for the work that we do. While we were not this year’s winner, we thank all those who were nominated for their work to help all crime victims in the real world. Crimes from sexual assault to homicide to human trafficking to domestic abuse destroy lives, and to have our work with online and financial fraud victims recognized means that the victims of these crimes are also recognized as well.

Our continuing relationship with the U.S. Department of Justice’s agencies helps us in the crime vicrims’ assistance and crime prevention work that we do for scam victims worldwide.

Remember that SCARS is the only organization that focuses on assisting online and financial crime victims worldwide that is recognized and partnered with governments around the world.

To learn more about SCARS please visit www.AgainstScams.org


Dear Dr. McGuinness,

The U.S. Department of Justice annually recognizes individuals and organizations that demonstrate outstanding support for crime victims and victim assistance programs. As you know, you were among those individuals and organizations nominated for the 2022 National Crime Victims’ Service Awards, presented by the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC). The nomination recognizes your unwavering dedication and hard work on behalf of victims.

We received so many impressive nominations that it was very difficult to choose award recipients from among them. On behalf of your colleagues, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the crime victims you serve, we recognize the significance of your contributions. Although you were not selected as an award recipient, all of us who strive for excellence in fulfilling our own responsibilities to crime victims were inspired to learn of your efforts.

The OVC team and I salute you for your ongoing efforts to ensure that victims’ rights and services are practiced daily. We are extremely thankful for your tremendous work and have no doubt you will continue to make a difference.


Kristina Rose

2022 DoJ Crime Victims Service Awards 2022-03-02 115632 redacted

2022 DoJ Crime Victims Service Awards 2022-03-02 115632 redacted

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