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Scammer Training Guides

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Training Guides Scammer Use For “Pig Butchering” Scams

Our thanks to “cannabiccino” for this valuable information.

As we have said for more than a decade, scammers are organized criminals that work in larger organizations. They outsource many of their activities, including training. They buy scripts and tools for outside providers!

Scammers treat scams as their profession. They train for this work and have large support teams. Here are photos of the actual Chinese training guides to show the level of sophistication and organization they have.

Please note: we apologize in advance. This post contains many hateful and derogatory statements that come from the scammer’s own scripts.

2019 Scripts

These are photos of an 80-page training manual used by one scam syndicate that was raided by Chinese police. There are also updated scripts for 2021, for the “foreign” (non-Chinese) market.

Page One Translations

Strategy for Killing Pigs

(Company confidential, dissemination strictly prohibited, share at your own risk)

  • Chapter 1: Packaging
  • Chapter 2: Chatting
  • Chapter 3: To Fish Big
  • Chapter 4: Appendix (homosexuals, older women, thirsty men)

March 2019 (Fourth Edition)

Page Two Translations

Most Important in Packaging is “Realistic”

1: Your name (real name, screen name, nickname)
should not be too crude, screen name should not be non-mainstream, nickname naughty and cute

2: Age (zodiac sign, blood type [editor note: akin to zodiac sign in Asia])
28-35 years old , cannot be too young (childish without experience) or too old (unattractive). Zodiac signs Baidu search and save.

3: Hometown (place of birth, current residence)
Don’t set as Fujianese! [note: stereotype of poor Chinese immigrant or crafty people]. Understand the tastes, snacks, scenic spots, main streets, ethnic customs, celebrities, etc. [note: scam recruits are familiarized with life in their target area and armed with local pictures]

4: Image (avatar, character)
Mature, handsome, muscles, use full-length photos as profile pics, make very clear, if possible with short videos. Can use customers of other co-workers. If using [other] customers’, find the ones that meet the above conditions for packaging!

5: Occupation (characteristics, status quo, income)
There is no physical store, business, work and daily necessities. Try to avoid clothing, food, housing and transportation to prevent customers from making excuses to buy for you.

6: Hobbies (character characteristics, living habits)
Have a certain understanding of your hobby, avoid hobbies you don’t understand that can lead others to doubt.

7: Family background (member, parent occupation)
Born in military, government official, teacher, artist, with good education and family upbringing, values and understanding,

8: Growing up (do not disclose in the early days! When the relationship is deep capitalize on this to avoid meeting on video chats)
Because of the strict upbringing, got autism/other psychological conditions, though this is all 6 years past. When the customer uses feelings to pressure you to meet by video chat, [say] that side of you might show up again. The female customer’s natural maternal love will instinctively come out and they will no longer pressure you. [note: best attempt at translation, university-level Chinese speaker told me the writer seems to have barely finished high school]

9: Relationship experience (previous relationship experience, views on love, standards in choosing a partner)
The probability of two people meeting and making friends should be one in a million. Even more with two people falling in love, the probability is even lower, because you understand this, so especially cherish your feelings! The previous relationship had ups and downs for years, but in the end for his/her reasons I got dumped, or had to give it up. In the end [I] can’t put up with the relationship! [again, best attempt at translating poor writing]

Requirements: Edit the character information, be familiar with it. Edit relationship, entrepreneurship struggles, progress and success story

Page Three Translations

Grasping the customer’s psychology

Mention the difficulties and pressures the customers need to face in their lives (pressure)

Say that opportunities have to be seized; ask them if they have ever missed an opportunity. (seizing opportunity)

Encourage the customer that they have the ability to change his mindset of resignation (self-improvement)

Arouse the customer’s inner dreams, goals, bring out a fighting state of mind (motivation)

Creates dreams of perfection, allow customers to fantasize living better about their dream life.  (enjoyment)

Page Four Translations (How to Set the Hook)

How to cut in

1. I am making extra money (lots of free time, does not affect regular chatting)

2. I am looking at trend/candlestick charts (preparing to make money on WeChat)

3. I am waiting for a friend to make money (waiting for him to draw up an investment plan on WeChat)

4. I am going to teach my relatives and friends to make extra money (always let her help her make money, and [she] cooks for me everyday to please me)

5. I just placed a bet (after the enthusiasm has peaked pause for one minute, and then speak)

6. Profit screenshot

Send two pictures of luxury bags or jewelry to the guest and ask the guest to help choose one, hinting to the guest that one has recently made a considerable amount of extra income and wants to buy a gift for family.

Choose two tourist attractions to go to and let the customer choose one, to imply to the guest that you have recently made some impressive profits from the sideline and want to reward oneself.

Send high-end restaurants to comment on their expensive and unpalatable meals. Better off to stabilize the side income first, or it’s too wasteful.You can ask the guest what they usually do when they are bored. After the guest answers, they will usually ask you what you have done and you will have a chance to get in.

You can say: travel, walking the streets/window shopping, listen to music, play mahjong, making money on WeChat, etc. [or whatever platform]

Updated 2021 Script

A new script was obtained for the “Pig-Butchering” romance scam (Asian guy/girl from online dating mentors in Forex/Crypto/Gold Trading…).  Latest as of June 2021.

The translation is in the image:

Pig-Butchering Scam / Sha Zhu Pan - Training Manuals 1

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