A Victim’s Story – Boyati Miskun

Remembering The Tragic Story Of Boyati Miskun

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Updated: Originally Published in 2016


Rest In Peace Boyati

Boyati was a domestic worker from Indonesia living and working for a family in Hong Kong.

Alone and vulnerable in an alien land she turned to the Internet for her connection with home and family.

In 2011, Boyati met “David Mark” online, a man who claimed to be a U.S. Amy veteran living in Ghana. Nearly four years of correspondence transpired before Mark told Boyati he was going to retire and move to Indonesia to be with her. However, Mark told Boyati that he had $75,000 of gold stored Ghana. He put the “gold certificate” in Boyati’s name, claiming it would soon be sent to her in Indonesia.

Boyati then received an email from Captain Samuel Friday asking her to send close to $50,000 to pay a customs clearance tax in order to retrieve the gold. Boyati did pay, but Friday alerted her afterward that she had not paid on time. Then she began receiving death threats.

Boyati went to the Indonesian consulate in Hong Kong for help, but officials there explained to her that she was being scammed.

After four years of manipulation, she was firmly under the control of her scammers.

“She got angry when I said Mark is part of the scammers, and that it was impossible for anybody to send 75 kilos of gold to someone he only knew [from the] Internet,” said Indonesian Vice Consul Rafail Walangitan. “She also refused to change her phone number, email, and Facebook to ‘break up’ with Mark,” said Rafail.

Boyati Miskun was found dead on July 22, hanging on the stairway in her employer’s building in Ngau Tau Kok. Her suicide was believed to be brought about by the debts incurred from her sending money to internet scammers abroad who pretended to be her boyfriend.

Boyati Refused To Believe That Mark Was In On The Scam, Eventually Hanging Herself Out Of Despair!

CALL 1-800-273-8255 

Boyati Miskun Foundation – In Memoriam

Helping Those At Risk

The Boyati Foundation was created on December 24, 2015

The Boyati Miskun Foundation was established as a memorial for the education and assistance of victims of global online fraud. The foundation is an initiative of and managed by the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams [SCARS] www.AgainstScams.org »

No one knows exactly how many tragically lost souls are taken by suicide resulting from deception caused by online fraudsters or scammers. Some say the number is in the thousands, perhaps tens of thousands each year.

Online fraud is a plague in today’s world, destroying lives and taking those most vulnerable.

Our goal is first and foremost to remember the cost and honor those that are no longer here to tell their story. In time, we hope to effect a change in this world of fraud and deceit, to educate and inform others so they can avoid the tragic outcome of Boyati and so many nameless others. We hope to effect a change in attitude on the part of law enforcement worldwide, that these are not faceless victims that suffer in silence. These are real people tormented by a few that must be brought to justice.

There can never be justice or rest for the fallen until the criminals that harm so many receive the full measure of punishment to fit their crimes. All we ask, at this time, only that you say a prayer for Boyati, and do all that you can to support those that fight the good fight on her behalf.

God Bless You Boyati
May You Find Peace At Last
You Will Be Remembered

Southeast Asian Billboards featuring Boyati Miskun

Southeast Asian Billboards featuring Boyati Miskun

To learn more about Boyati Miskun and the Boyati Miskun Foundation from the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams click here: www.facebook.com/Boyati.Miskun.Foundation »


Boyati-Miskun – Old SCARS Logo

In remembrance of Boyati Miskun the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams [SCARS] displays billboards in poorer cities in Southeast Asia to alert domestic workers of the risks of romance scams.

The Foundation suspended its activities in February 2020 for the duration of the pandemic and will restart at a future date.

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