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SCARS™ Memorial: A Victim’s Story – Boyati Miskun

SCARS™ Memorial: A Victim's Story - Boyati Miskun Remembering The Tragic Story Of Boyati Miskun Rest In Peace Boyati Boyati was a domestic worker from Indonesia living and working for a family in Hong Kong. Alone and vulnerable in an alien land she turned to the Internet for her connection with home and family. In 2011, Boyati met "David Mark" online, a man who claimed to be a U.S. Amy veteran living in Ghana. Nearly [...]

SCAMMER: Zyni, 31 Florida City, FL, United States

SCAMMERScammer A Scammer or Fraudster is someone that engages in deception to obtain money or achieve another objective. They are criminals that attempt to deceive a victim into sending more or performing some other activity that benefits the scammer.: Zyni, 31 Florida City, FL, United States Interesting Thread An interesting way to explain why someone in the U.S. is not in the U.S. This Romance [...]