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Example Romance Scammer Grooming Language

Example Romance Scammer Grooming Language A SCARS Insight Scammers Use Specific Language To Groom Scam Victims Scammers Use Deliberately Difficult Language To Hook Victims These are perfect examples of scammer grammar It’s an unfortunate reality that as the popularity of social networking and dating sites has grown so has the number of reported romance and online dating scams. If you’ve never heard of a romance scam, it’s a type [...]

A Woman’s Perspective About Facebook Scammers

A Woman's Perspective Originally published in 2014, and updated September 2018 While this site caters to both Male and Female Victims, it is important to remember that women are victimized more than men.  For that reason, we reprint the following: REPRINTED FROM I hate being the bearer of bad news! But the great news is that it's really good news wrapped up in bad news packaging! You need to know what to watch out for [...]

KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Raylene – Do You Know This Girl?

Do You Know This Girl?RaylenePorn Actress & Model You Have Probably Seen Her Photos Before! Raylene Is Another Scammers Choice Award Winner Of course you don’t really know Raylene, since these are stolen photos used by African Scammers, but she is popular!  If you see her photo on a dating site – guess what?  She is being used by a ScammerScammer A Scammer or Fraudster is someone [...]