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SCARS|RSN™ Insight: What Does The FBI’s IC3.gov Actually Do?

SCARS|RSN™ Insight: What Does The FBI's IC3.gov Actually Do? The FBI's IC3 Accepts Online Internet Crime Complaints From Either The Actual Victim Or From A Third Party To The Complainant They say that they can best process a complaint if they receive accurate and complete information from the person making the report. They request people provide the following information when filing a complaint: Victim's name, address, telephone, and email Financial transaction information (e.g., account information, transaction date [...]

RSN™ Scam News: Indian Police Break Up Online Scam Center

RSN™ Scam News: Indian Police Break Up Online Scam Center Indian Police Break Up International Fake Computer Virus Scam Business Those arrested have been running the scam out of defunct call centers. Indian police have arrested nearly two dozen people on suspicion of defrauding victims around the world by sending fake pop-up messages warning them that their computers were infected with a virus and offering to rectify the problem at a price. Police spokesman Ajay [...]

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