Trauma-Induced Fear May Cause Paranoia

Trauma-Induced Fear May Cause Paranoia Psychology of Scams A SCARS Insight How Trauma Can Cause Paranoia Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and even milder forms of trauma has a variety of symptoms that present differently in each individual who has experienced a traumatic and life-altering event, such as a romance scam or other type of relationship fraud. Traumatic experiences lead to psychological trauma which can leave one feeling helpless and struggling [...]

Scam Victim Recovery Is Not A Mystery

Scam Victim Recovery Is Not A Mystery Follow The Process, Avoid Amateurs, Make A Commitment About Scam Victim Recovery A SCARS Insight Recovery Is Not Mystical - It Is Mechanical Scam Victim Recovery is about following the recovery process. May scam victims talk about their confusion about recovering. They don't know what to do or how to recover. Yet this process only requires two things: following the process [...]

Long Term Fear & Phobias From Scam Victim Trauma

Long Term Fear & Phobias For Scam Victim Trauma The Psychology of Scams A SCARS insight Did You Develop Long-Term Fears After Your Scam? Many Scam Victims Experience Ever-Present Fears And Phobias Following Their Scams! These fears can include specific or generalized phobias, such as Agoraphobia or phobias about going online! Trauma Affects Everyone Differently Some individuals may clearly display criteria associated with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but [...]

Choose Wisely What Anti-Scam Groups You Follow

Choose Wisely What Anti-Scam Groups You Follow Self-Styled Experts & Vigilantes Are Everywhere! Making Things Worse In Many Cases! A SCARS Commentary Anti-scam Hate Groups and Vigilantes Over Our 30 Year History, We Have Encountered Many Victims That Wanted To Help Other Victims, And That Is A Good Thing! Except when their motivation is based upon hate, anger, or a self-conviction that they are the only ones that [...]

Scam Trauma Syndrome [STS]

Scam Trauma Syndrome [STS] The Apparent Psychological Factors Affecting Scam Victims A Paper on the Psychology of Scams An Exploration of the Psychological Effects of a Romance Scam on its Victim A Whitepaper By Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. Scam Trauma Syndrome is a term that we have termed at the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams [SCARS] for the trauma that Romance Scam Victims experience as a result of [...]


ATTENTION SCAM VICTIMS FROM NEW ZEALAND A Scam Victims Research Study is being conducted by the University of Auckland, New Zealand, with the support of SCARS™ This study has been reviewed and formally approved by SCARS and the University of Auckland (NZ) for a study to help Romance Scam victims. The study is a formal study of victims to help find new solutions for assistance, support, and recovery. SCARS has created a private Facebook Group [...]