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Scam Trauma Syndrome [STS]

Scam Trauma Syndrome [STS] An Exploration of the Psychological Effects of a Romance Scam on its Victim A Whitepaper By Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. Scam Trauma Syndrome is a term that we have termed at the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams [SCARS] for the trauma that Romance Scam Victims experience as a result of their scam discovery, it is based (in part) upon the extensive research and awareness of a similar type of trauma called Rape Trauma Syndrome and [...]


ATTENTION SCAM VICTIMS FROM NEW ZEALAND A Scam Victims Research Study is being conducted by the University of Auckland, New Zealand, with the support of SCARS™ This study has been reviewed and formally approved by SCARS and the University of Auckland (NZ) for a study to help Romance Scam victims. The study is a formal study of victims to help find new solutions for assistance, support, and recovery. SCARS has created a private Facebook Group [...]

RSN™ Guide: Anti-scam Hate Groups and Vigilantes

RSN™ Guide: Anti-scam Hate Groups and Vigilantes Let's talk about Anti-scam Hate Groups and Vigilantes Vigilantees tend to be the ones that create the Anti-scam Hate groups. Anti-scam Hate Group is a group, typically lead by a victim that has retained their range and anger against scammers and turned this into a kind of mania. THESE ARE THE TRUE VIGILANTES Vigilantes are those victims that are profoundly and adversely affected by the aftermath of the [...]