(Last Updated On: March 25, 2022)

Scam Victim Recovery Is Not A Mystery

Follow The Process, Avoid Amateurs, Make A Commitment

About Scam Victim Recovery

A SCARS Insight

Recovery Is Not Mystical – It Is Mechanical

Scam Victim Recovery is about following the recovery process.

May scam victims talk about their confusion about recovering. They don’t know what to do or how to recover. Yet this process only requires two things: following the process and time.

We have said this many times before and in many different ways, but here is a brief overview again.

You know what to do if you are working the process:

  1. Start with the 3 Steps for New Victims.

  2. Join a Support Group & Start Counseling – so you have access to proper guidance. SCARS offers support groups online on Facebook, and to find a qualified trauma counselor click here:  https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/trauma-and-ptsd  Avoid amateur groups, especially those that focus on exposing scammers – this only increases your trauma.

  3. Participate actively – in the support group, in counseling – share what you feel and what you are going through – secrets are the enemy of recovery.

  4. Journaling every day – use the SCARS BLUE BOOKS or a journal of your choice – every day record how long it has been since your scam ended, how you are feeling, and your daily challenges. The key is to do it every day!

  5. Daily reminders of your recovery – we offer them in our store or chose any others to remind you why you need to push forward and that you are not to blame!

  6. Share your story, thoroughly in the support group and in counseling. Holding back is just keeping it secret and not helping you work through it!

  7. Acknowledge your milestones of progress. Every month that passes is a month further away from the scam.

  8. Follow the SCARS Steps 8 step program (available in book form here)

  9. Learn all that you can about your psychology and why this happened to you – this removes guilt, shame, and self-blame – you are already on the right website for that.

  10. Tell others about what happened to you – to educate and share – when you are ready, but start with trusted family and friends because they are also at risk.

These are the basics and if you follow them they work. The reason so many are confused or not progressing faster is that they are not following them.

This requires a commitment to your own future. If you don’t feel so good, do two things: read RomanceScamsNOW.com and write in your journal – these will help you get through the rough patches. Then talk about what you learned or how you are feeling in the support group and with your counselor.

It is NOT hard if you do it.

If you don’t, it will take much longer to recover. But that is a choice you are forced to make.

If you really do these things you can recover. Even your financial situation cannot hold you back – you can find peace.

Just remember, recovery is a team effort. Don’t isolate yourself from those that want to help you.

This is the way!

Always Report All Scams – Anywhere In The World To:

Go to reporting.AgainstScams.org to learn how

U.S. FTC at https://reportfraud.ftc.gov/#/?orgcode=SCARS and SCARS at www.Anyscams.com
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