Another Type Of Scam: THE RECOVERY SCAM

There are people contacting victims and offering to help them recover their money as a service.

This is commonly known as THE RECOVERY SCAM!

Money sent to Africa is lost and can never be recovered. Even if the scammer is arrested, their property is usually seized​ by the local police or government. So in the case of African scammers, it is just gone.

In some countries in Asia, it is a little different. In some cases, the threat of arrest can cause the scammer to repay the victim. However, this has to be a real threat and not just talk. First file reports on our site so that it appears here, and on any other anti-scamming sites you like. Notify the scammer of this, and that you will be filing a criminal complaint with their NBI. Offer to the scammer that you will drop the complaint if they repay the money (take anything they can repay and consider yourself lucky).

In the case of Latin​ American scammers, the probability of recovery is close to zero, even if you obtain an arrest. However, you can use the same approach as with Philippines scammers. Latin American police are not great, but in some countries they will act.

The only places where recovery is a possibility is the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe. If you file criminal complaints that result in an arrest, these national and local authorities routinely seize the scammers assets​. However, most scammers do this as a living, and as such spent their proceeds.

We know that many victims give away their last cent on the scammer, and are desperate to recover their money.

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Unfortunately, most of the time this is impossible. Of all the arrests we have helped come to pass, only once were any monies recovered, and this was from a scammer in the U.S.

If you are approached by anyone that offers you this type of service, contact us about them. You probably also want to block them.

HOWEVER, there are real investigative services out there that will track down your scammer for a price. You are better off not wasting your money after the fact. If you want to investigate someone that you have made a connection with before sending​ anything, this would be advisable. JUST REMEMBER investigations are not free. If you suspect someone, you are better off moving on and saving your money.

Also, always file a complaint with your own countries national police. If nothing else, this may prevent the scammer from obtaining a visa.

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