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SCARS™ Special Report: Deciphering the Lottery Scam Rings

SCARS™ Special Report: Deciphering the Lottery Scam Rings Another Kind Of Relationship Scam In Recent Years There Has Been A Shocking Increase In Jamaica’S Homicide Rate That Has Refocused Attention On Lottery Scams In The Caribbean Island Nation But it is not a uniquely Jamaican problem, with well-organized lottery frauds operating throughout the Americas, costing the United States hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars each year. The total number of killings in Jamaica jumped [...]


Another Type Of Scam: THE RECOVERY SCAMThere are people contacting victims and offering to help them recover their money as a service.This is commonly known as THE RECOVERY SCAM!Money sent to Africa is lost and can never be recovered. Even if the scammer is arrested, their property is usually seized​ by the local police or government. So in the case of African scammers, it is just gone.In some countries in Asia, it is a little [...]