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Money Recovery & Investigative Scams Target Scam Victims [Updated]

Money Recovery Scams [Updated] Money Recovery & Investigative Scams Target Scam Victims A SCARS Insight Another Type Of Scam That Promises To Investigate & Recover Your Money Originally Published February 11, 2016 Updated August 14, 2021 After your scam, you are desperate to get your money back! But you have heard and been told that it is impossible! Money sent to scammers is lost and can never be [...]

Philippines Gold Diggers – How To Tell

How To Know If You Have A Philippines Gold Digger or Scammer The following comes from, which seems to be an acceptable low-medium risk dating website in the Philippines. This is good advice for ANY online date, regardless of where they come from! According to Avoid Filipina women like the plague who ask for money from you right at the beginning, or offers to give you favours such as flaunting her body at you for [...]


JUNE 2018 HAS BEEN ONE FOR THE RECORD BOOKS! OVER 3,000 SCAMMERS ARRESTED JUST THIS MONTH SO FAR! Please Share This News! THAT IS NEARLY 2% OF THE ESTIMATED 110,000 ACTIVE SCAMMERS WORLDWIDE! BASICALLY IN TWO WEEKS! While we know that is probably not sustainable, it represents the first MAJOR blow to the scamming cartels - EVER! Not only will this encourage more enforcement, but it finally sends the message to the scammers that they are not [...]