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RSN™ Guide: Anti-scam Hate Groups and Vigilantes

Let’s talk about Anti-scam Hate Groups and Vigilantes

Vigilantees tend to be the ones that create the Anti-scam Hate groups.

Anti-scam Hate Group is a group, typically lead by a victim that has retained their range and anger against scammers and turned this into a kind of mania.


Vigilantes are those victims that are profoundly and adversely affected by the aftermath of the scam. It affects them in a way that forces their fear and anger to dominate.

Their initial lack of control and sense of powerlessness triggers the need for retaliation and vengeance, frequently directly towards other victims and victims’ assistance providers (such as police and victims assistance organizations), not just the criminals that harmed them. Their actions tend to be performed online without any real commitment, acting to be disruptive and counter-productive to real solutions.

It is all “Their Way or No Way,” and everyone is with them or against them. Vigilantism is also a significant cause of delay in these victims recovering, as it perpetuates the anger or rage and frequently turning it into a destructive hate.

It is nearly impossible to assist these victims as they are suspicious of anyone offering help, and tend to aggregate into like-minded groups online.

There is no evidence that any vigilante has resulted in a single arrest or reduction in online crimes. In fact, there is substantial evidence that Vigilantes work against their best interest by alienating those entities that are best equipped to help them and society as a whole.

Most Vigilantes refuse to report the crimes since (in their view) “no one does anything anyway” – only they can save the world. They tend to view themselves as the only true “Anti-scammers” and their approach is the only correct one.

Why is being a true vigilante a bad thing?

  • First, they have no real experience in fighting crime. They don’t know how to find or prepare real evidence.
  • Second, they do not understand the reality of trauma and how continuous exposure to the crime can cause further harm to victims.
  • Lastly, they believe that they are the only true saviors and that anyone that has a different approach is the enemy. So they actively work against the real solutions, professionals, and institutions making a real difference.

They are chaos engines that delay progress, cause further harm to victims, and create completely false impressions of both who scammers are and the state of the global war on scams.

When victims turn toward their anger and aggression, it delays or prevents recovery. These are not the pinnacles of insight that victims should turn to.

RSN Team
a division of SCARS
Miami Florida U.S.A.

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