SCARS™ Breaking News: Nigeria Begins Repaying Victims Of Nigerian-Based Cybercrime [UPDATED]

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SCARS™ Breaking News: Nigeria Begins Repaying Victims Of Nigerian-Based Cybercrime [UPDATED]

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SCARS™ Breaking News: Nigeria Begins Repaying Victims Of Nigerian-Based Cybercrime [UPDATED]


For The First Time, The Nigerian EFCC (Economic & Financial Crimes Commission) at the urging of the United States Senator Chuck Grassley is repaying money stolen by a scammer back to the victim.

From the EFCC – Their Announcement:

EFCC Returns $4,040 to Brazilian Victim of Internet Fraud

Debora Moreira, a Brazilian victim of internet fraud, has acknowledged the receipt of the sum of $4,040 which was recovered on her behalf by the Port Harcourt Zonal Office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

Moreira lost the money to Emmanuel Tope, a convicted fraudster, in a romance scam. EFCC commenced investigation of the scam in March 2019 and successfully recovered the money, prosecuted and got the fraudster convicted.

The proceeds of crime was remitted into the victim’s account with Bank Itau S/A, Rua Ameirico Brasiliense, through the Central Bank of Nigeria.

At this time this is not a completely functional process and there is no easy way to apply for repayment.

We expect that the EFCC will continue to evolve this process – in part at the demands of the U.S. government and also from pressure by victims’ advocate groups such as SCARS.

If you are certain that you lost money to a Nigerian Scammer and have already reported the crime to your national police (such as the FBI at and have reported it at, we suggest that you send a claim email to the EFCC putting them on notice. The email should include any hard-data that you have about the scam and the scammer:

  • scammer names – fake or real
  • physical address
  • banking or money transfer
  • phone
  • email
  • date of the money payments
  • amount of the money per transfer
  • photos or fake documents
  • other details

Do not include the chats and messaging that you shared, it is not important.

We suggest that you get your emails flowing to the EFCC as soon as possible to get in the pipeline for future money repayments.

How to contact the EFCC:

  • By Phone: +234 9 9044752 or +234 9 9044753
  • By Mail: Economic & Financial Crimes Commission, Attention Director Magu, Plot 301/302, Institution and Research Cadastral District, Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria
  • By Email:

Be smart, do not contact them and express your anger or nothing will happen – you are asking them to help you recover your money

Of course, we cannot promise any action by the EFCC – but we have reason to believe that there will be more repayments going forward.


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